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  2. *Best Buy Rs 1096 coupon ICICIWEEKEND* View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/portronics-por-198-ciri-desktop-wireless-mobile-charger-with-alaram-clock-and-led-lamp-black/p-mp000000004705692
  3. laxmans

    Wipro WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Wat

    9W White Price: ₹ 445 https://www.amazon.in/Enabled-Million-Neutral-Compatible-Assistant/dp/B07WZNNYDM/?th=1
  4. Code - NP50DC Terms & Condition 1. Coupon code is valid only on 8th December'19 from 12 PM to 3 PM.2. User will get Flat 50% Off on Select Diapers, Baby Care, Toys, Feeding & Nursing, Baby Gear & Nursery.3. Maximum discount is Rs. 5000.4. Benefits arising post implementation of GST are part of this coupon.5. Coupon is not applicable with any other coupon.6. Coupon Code is applicable only on the MRP of products.7. GST applicable on discounted price. View deal - https://www.firstcry.com/featuredoffer?cpid=60&c=NP50DC&ref2=naptimesale_01_combo0_d_08Dec19_NP50DC
  5. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Enabled-Million-Neutral-Compatible-Assistant/dp/B07PD4DW17/
  6. View deal - https://www.myntra.com/clocks?f=Brand%3AArchies&rf=Discount%20Range%3A50.0_100.0_50.0%20TO%20100.0&sort=price_asc
  7. https://www.indiafreestuff.in/dabur-puja-kit-rs-499-amazon https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/372272-dabur-puja-kit/?tab=comments#comment-730063
  8. Rs 1404 @ amazon Rs 1895 @ flipkart View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/panasonic-sr-wa10ge9-2-7-l-electric-rice-cooker-burgandy/p-mp000000001950097
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  11. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Sunfeast-Farmlite-Oats-Almonds-Bundle/dp/B07ZQ74J3W/
  12. laxmans

    Dabur Puja Kit

    View deal - https://www.amazon.in/DABUR-Dabur-Puja-Kit/dp/B07YV4M7Z4
  13. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Powder, 2 kg Rs 339 (( 36 %off ) Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder, 2 kg Rs 283 (( 37 %off ) View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Surf-Excel-Matic-Detergent-Powder/dp/B01CJVVLUA/
  14. View deal - [Pantry] Dettol Germ Protection Liquid Handwash Refill, Original - 750 ml with Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer - 50ml
  15. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Softsens-Baby-Wipes-Moisturising-Lotion/dp/B079RFH76T
  16. Girls https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&srs=3838243031&bbn=1571272031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cn%3A!1571272031%2Cn%3A1967936031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldoldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575768714&rnid=1571272031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_nr_n_3 Boys https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&srs=3838243031&bbn=1967851031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cn%3A1571272031%2Cn%3A1967851031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031%2Cp_85%3A10440599031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldoldoldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575768807&rnid=10440598031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_nr_p_85_1 Deal of the day https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&bbn=19936797031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cn%3A1597453031%2Cn%3A1597455031%2Cn%3A20348646031%2Cn%3A19936797031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A60-&s=price-asc-rank&dc&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1575768549&rnid=2665398031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank Women https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&srs=3838243031&bbn=1571272031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cn%3A!1571272031%2Cn%3A1953602031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldoldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575768714&rnid=1571272031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_nr_n_1 Men https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&srs=3838243031&bbn=1968024031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cn%3A1571272031%2Cn%3A1968024031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031%2Cp_85%3A10440599031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldoldoldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575768802&rnid=10440598031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_nr_p_85_1 View deal - https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&srs=3838243031&bbn=1571271031&rh=p_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575768631&rnid=2665398031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_nr_p_n_pct-off-with-tax_4
  17. Coupon apply 20% coupon save further with Subscribe & save View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Dove-Environmental-Defence-Shampoo-650ml/dp/B0744RDFQB
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  19. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/Amazon-Brand-Symbol-Sneakers-AZ-YS-43B/dp/B074DZ6J4W
  20. ICICI Bank Offer https://www.tatacliq.com/end-of-season-sale-prebuzz View deal - https://www.tatacliq.com/end-of-season-sale-prebuzz
  21. Amazon Pantry Offer Terms and Conditions This Amazon Pantry offer ("Offer") is brought to you by the participating sellers/brands and made available by Amazon Seller Services Private Limited ("Amazon"). The Offer is valid and can be availed only if you: (i) are located in India; (ii) have set India as your current country in your account settings on the website; and (iii) have a billing address in India You agree that, by participating in or availing this Offer, you will be bound by these terms and conditions ("Offer Terms"). All customers who shop on Amazon Pantry using Amazon Pay Balance (only) worth Rs. 2000 or more between 00:00:01 hours on December 8th, 2019 and 23:59:59 hours on December 31st, 2019, will get a flat cashback of 15% (Rs. 300 maximum cashback) ("Benefit"). This Offer is not applicable on infant nutrition products This Offer can be combined with other offers available on www.amazon.in website or the Amazon mobile application (subject to meeting offer conditions). The Offer will not be available on purchase of any other product listed on the amazon.in website or the Amazon mobile application other than the products listed on Amazon Pantry. The cashback will be credited in the form of Amazon Pay balance within 3 days from the date of shipping of the products. The Offer is valid only in cities with Amazon Pantry service. Please check if the Amazon Pantry service is available in your city before placing the order. Amazon has the right to discontinue the Offer before the Offer end date without giving prior notice. This Offer is being made purely on a "best effort" basis and availing the Offer is voluntary. In the event of cancellation of your order for the product(s) (either by you, Amazon or seller) or the purchased product(a) are returned or exchanged by you, you will not be eligible to avail the Benefits under this Offer. There are no cash or other alternatives available in whole or in part, in relation to the Benefits under this Offer. No requests for transfer or assignment of the Benefits under the Offer shall be entertained. All applicable taxes and levies in relation to the product and the Offer, including without limitation sales tax, service tax, goods and services tax etc., shall be payable by you. By participating in this Offer, you expressly agree that neither Amazon nor the seller (or any of their affiliates) are liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with this Offer. This Offer is governed by the laws of India. Any disputes arising out of and in connection with this Offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Delhi only. You agree that all decisions of the seller related to the Offer are final and binding on you. Failure by the seller to enforce any of these Offer Terms, in any instance, shall not be deemed to be a waiver of the Offer Terms and shall not give rise to any claim by any person. The seller reserves the right to add, alter, modify, change or vary all of these Offer Terms or to replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether, at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever. Amazon has a right to remove the Offer from the amazon.in website, at any time, in its sole discretion, without any prior notice or liability. In the event of any query/issues regarding the Offer, you may please contact Amazon Customer Service. It is hereby clarified that queries/issues in relation to the Offer will be entertained only till the time you are eligible to receive Benefit under this Offer. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/b/ref=s9_acss_bw_cg_whatispa_2a1_w/ref=mh_s9_acss_cg_whatispa_2a1_w?ie=UTF8&node=14801797031
  22. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07QS352KM/
  23. View deal - https://www.flipkart.com/google-assistant-122019-store?otracker=hp_bannerads_1_1.bannerAdCard.BANNERADS_hpw_H8U27AGANIIX
  24. View deal - https://www.amazon.in/s?i=shoes&srs=3945957031&bbn=1983396031&rh=n%3A1571283031%2Cn%3A1571284031%2Cn%3A1983396031%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665401031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldoldoldoldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575733073&rnid=2665398031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_pg_1
  25. laxmans

    Lux innerwears Min 50 % off

    View deal - https://www.amazon.in/s?i=apparel&bbn=1571271031&rh=n%3A1571271031%2Cp_4%3ALUX+MAESTRO%2Cp_n_pct-off-with-tax%3A2665402031&s=price-asc-rank&dc&oldtag=tvshowreminders-20&qid=1575728065&rnid=2665398031&tag=tvshowreminders-20&ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank
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