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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New year to all IndiaFreeStuff team n Members
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New year to all IndiaFreeStuff Members
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New Year 2018 to IFS Family!!! May all get big loots this year!!
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New Year to all
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Wishing every1 "A VERY HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR"....
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Another year comes to a close, hope you had a blast. May the next year be a joyful ride as well. Heartfelt Greetings to all.
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    Here's what you have been waiting for !! Presenting you the RapidFire round of 15 questions as part of the BIG IFS CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR EVENT. Contest Details:- IT'S Very Simply Contest ---->>> Rapid Fire Quiz ( 30th Dec, 6pm onwards) QUIZ question based on Technical,General knowledge,Cricket,Film news,Online websites & Surprise Questions etc,,, Rules & Regulations :- 1)Who answers a Question first he wins the prize for that question ( who replies the questions first ) 2)Total 15 questions will be asked 3) One user can win a maximum of only 1 prize in the contest 4) Anyone making spam in the contest thread will be disqualified from the contest 5) All Rights of contest will be in the hand of ADMIN & IFS TEAM 6) Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged 7) Prizes will be (1) IFS points (2) Gift Vouchers (3) Surprisive Gifts etc,,, All the very best to all IFS readers --IFS TEAM Note:- Question will be asked in 5 Min Gap as reply in thread. You need to find question and answer here only. Answer and Winner will be get announce within one week. Gifts will be sent by within one week. For Amazon Time Pass voucher, be ready at add Amazon Gift voucher page. Winners:- Question No. 1 winner :- @addguide PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher Question No. 2 winner :- @manu1144 PRIZE: Rs.200 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 3 winner :- @Rim PRIZE: Rs 100 Mobile Recharge Question No. 4 winner :- @sunilmalik1981 PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher Question No. 5 winner :- @WalterWhite PRIZE: Deodorant Question No. 6 winner :- @Cristiano PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 7 winner :- @MrLegend PRIZE: Rs.300 Amazon Voucher Question No. 8 winner :- @Green PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher Question No. 9 winner :- @praba PRIZE: Rs.150 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 10 winner:- @Varunz PRIZE: Rs.200 Mobile Topup Question No. 11 winner :- @superdealer PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher Question No. 12 winner :- @Bewda PRIZE: Rs.200 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 13 winner :- @Dovie PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 14 winner :- @explicitmind PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 15 winner :- @romanreigns PRIZE: Surprise Gift Congratulation to all winners thank you all for participant. @MrLegend nailed it he give answer of question no :- 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 in first reply. but as we already state that one member can win one question prize so in these cases we awarded next correct reply, we also interchange some prize to give top member top value prize. winners you can pm Admin within 3-4 days to claim your prize. After one week no prize will be given and thread will locked permanently.
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy New year to all IndiaFreeStuff Members
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    Wishing a very Happy & Auspicious Happy New Year to All
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    Champions of IFS

    *Position #1 @superdealer FEATURED SUPERDEALS 8,839 *Position #2 @raviwd FEATURED SUPERDEALS 8,689
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    Types of thermometer for baby

    There are a lot of thermometers in the market today, and it's no big surprise that most guardians will experience serious difficulties picking each of them. You'll be astounded to realize that for babies, there's a thermometer customized for them and can be utilized as a part of the ears, rectum, temple, armpit, or mouth. Be that as it may, which of them is the best brow thermometer for your tyke? Here are some tips for parent to choose the best thermometer for baby. Oral thermometers It's a standout amongst the most widely recognized and moderate thermometers to purchase in the market. You essentially put the thing in your child's mouth for it to peruse the temperature. In any case, this sort of thermometer is incredible for more established children to utilize in light of the fact that these age bunches are less nervous and have a total handle of what the thermometer is for. In spite of the fact that it can be utilized for babies with supervision, generally speaking, it's moderately difficult to utilize them for the youthful ones. You need to hold up 'til they're more seasoned. Armpit thermometers The name says everything. It's tucked under your child's underarm with the goal that it can get its readings. Like oral thermometers, armpit thermometers are useful for more seasoned kids since they don't squirm or excursion their arms around. Infants have a reflex to jerk and turn on their sides. It is discovered that an armpit thermometer can be somewhat off base in light of the fact that the thing takes its readings from the outside skin tissues. Ear thermometers This thermometer is embedded into your tyke's ear trench, and with the gadget's infrared sensors, it can read the temperature of your kid. Ear thermometers regularly give the best readings and are viewed as sheltered, simple, and brisk to utilize. In any case, it can be truly awkward for your tyke. You can take a stab at utilizing an ear thermometer once your infant achieves a half year of age. It's not fitting to use on more youthful children in light of the fact that their ears are as yet creating and may cause difficulties when the thermometer is set inside. Rectal thermometers Do you need the most precise body temperature readings? A rectal thermometer may very well do the thing. Adhering it up to your infant's base is the nearest thing to your tyke's center warmth temperature. Besides, it's additionally a standout among the most reasonable gadgets to purchase in the store. The drawback? It can be truly uneasy for your youngster. That is to say, who wouldn't feel awkward with something staying in your butt? Moreover, the article of rectal thermometer also shows the ages for types of thermometers. Additionally, however the thermometer is fantastic for infants, guardians ought to be cautious in setting it inside their kid's rear-end. Put too further and the youngster can get harmed besides. Additionally, for what reason would anybody put a thermometer in a place where kids crap? Temple thermometers Exceptionally exact, brow thermometers are anything but difficult to utilize in light of the fact that all the parent can do is essentially swipe the gadget onwards and in reverse of the child's sanctuary. After a given period, the thermometer ascertains the readings previously blazing the last temperature. What's optimal about the gadget is that it doesn't infiltrate anyone parts of your kid, leaving your child somewhat agreeable. Its non-obtrusive properties will probably get exact readings even from a restless or colicky youngster. Simply make sure to wipe your child's brow every so often, with the goal that the thermometer will take the correct measures. Have you discovered the thermometer for your child? Other than five of these thermometers, different items in the market may fill in as gadgets to quantify your child's hot temperature: Temperature stickers – these are "thermometers" stripped to your tyke's skin for body readings Pacifier thermometers – it goes about as a pacifier while taking the body temperature of your infant. It can be demonstrated troublesome if the gadget is broken. It may stifle your tyke Non-electronic temperature pointers – some these gadgets are tied on your youngster like a belt or wrist trinket for it to ascertain its readings. Up until now, what's turned out to be the best are the brow thermometers in the market. It won't bother your child, and it won't baffle you when you're taking your youngster's fever readings. The said gadgets won't trick you of their outcomes. Things being what they are, how to get one and what would it be advisable for you to take a gander at in the event that you need one? We will help you with finding the best brow thermometer for your infant in the collection of forehead and ear thermometer for baby chosen from amazom best sellers.
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    For this deal credit wrongly given to me, my post is a re-post...pls credit @CheckMate https://www.indiafreestuff.in/cad-audio-as16-acoustic-enclosure-at-rs-999 https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/329374-cad-audio-as16-acoustic-enclosurer-999-mrp-7199/?do=findComment&comment=674983 my post https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/329393-cad-audio-as16-acoustic-enclosure-rs999-86-off/?do=findComment&comment=675004
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    Congratulations! Ghar pe mujhe kisi ne paise nahin diye
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    Product FPD https://www.indiafreestuff.in/ivoomi-iv-pbp20k1-20000-mah-power-bank-rs-499-flipkart Thanks to IFS Screenshots:
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    Cheater Board

    He has only 6 thread, you shouldn't have trade with him. I have sent him msg to respond here, if he doesn't i will suspend him.
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    Congratulation, i too got yesterday on my relative address. Waha bhi kisi ne paise nahi diye kyoki ye order prepaid tha.
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    Free LED by osram.

    yes,i will try n try until i die .
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    Congrats to all d winners !Admin,atleast give some consolation prizes to other participants also?
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    Thx @HellRocker and congrats to all winners. @MrLegend is tr00ly a legend!! cheers man!
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    Thanks IFS Congratulations to All Winners
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Happy 7th Anniversary IFS and may the New year be de(a)lightful to all !!
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    Fpd link https://www.indiafreestuff.in/solimo-premium-highcarbon-stainless-steel-kitchen-knife-set-3-at-rs-549--amazon Been looking for a good knife set for long, this is a sweet deal with amazonpay cashback