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  1. It is indeed the festival of color and the time when everyone just drowns in these awesome colors of love forgetting all their age old enemies We all are certainly looking forward to the 27th, more so the kids who have real fun with their friends. Oh yes…I remember those different type of guns and various colors – not to mention those grease paints etc. that kids would ask for when they were young. But I’m glad they are past that phase and play it more like us adults now. However, playing with the dry colors is more environment friendly and if they are natural colors – all the more better for your skin as well. I suggest to go with tips of oiling your hair and even the exposed parts of the body as you never know who is using what kind of color on you – so need to be careful. Yes, wear old clothes, though some people like wearing all whites as the colors come out vibrant on white We never travel during Holi because of the scare and also because for festivals one prefers being home. Ah…the Bhang and playing cards that carry on well late at night are something people love too.
  2. Answers:- 1. (C.)Governor 2. (C.)Bombay 3. Rajghat 4. (C.)Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said Al Said 5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad 6. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. My best deal was ebay 250 off coupon no min purchase required. I was able to purchase the pen drive which I was craving for since long...
  4. 7.1" 2 Galileo 3 President Franklin D. Roosevelt 4 ParadeepPort 5 South Asian Prefrential Trade Agreement(SAPTA) 6 The high impact search queries that alexa displays for your website are based on how many hits come to your website from those keywords.
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