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  1. Hi, I got 16 GB pen drive from tolexo.Price is 18 rupees Price is 518-500=18(500 discount). Thanks IFS
  2. Hi IFS Team, Here are the answers for your questions. 1.India 2.Australia 3.The Arctic Ocean 4.Mon, Dec 25, 2000, Christmas Day 5.There were 7 swans a swimming in the song 6.I learned I am a lot better at talking to people than I used to think.and ofcourse saved the lot of money because of IFS. 7.It is also celebrated on first day of the month of Chaitra and marks the onset of spring. which means the beginning of a new age. 8.Chinese New Year was known as the Nian festival."festival of the year", or "new year festival".An alternative name for Chinese New Year is "New Year in the Agricultural Calendar".Chinese New Year instead being called "Spring Festival".Chinese New Year's Day means literally "the first day of the (great) year". 9.30 dec 2010 10.Canada Thank you, Srikanth.
  3. Hi IFS, These are the answers for your questions above 1.kali maa 2.Jammu and Kashmir 3.Vijaydasami is the day on which she is invoked as Mahishasuramardhini. She destroyed the evil elements that caused harm and hurt to her darling children – all her creations. 4.Elephant 5.Skandamata 6.Karnataka 7.Mata shailputri 8.Banni (Shami) tree 9.Mysore Thank you, Srikanth.
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