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    romanreigns got a reaction from Ayushman1 in Rules And Regulation   
    24 July 2017 12:00 am se hi new rules start kar do 
    new rules best hai  lekin bus ek rule ko follow nahi kiya jata is rule ko bhi strictly follow karen thanks
    Do not copy/paste deal from other forum/site. Try to write your own content.
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    romanreigns reacted to indiafreestuff in Rules And Regulation   
    Here are few rules and guideline which must follow by forum users.

    A Deal Title must have following information in title
    Product Name or offer Name Product price Shipping charges if any Offering site name (not mandatory)  
    Rules for Super Deals:-
    Points won't be credited for Daily Deals. Superdeal deals will be under Superdeals Section + will have SD label in daily deals section.

    A Deal Must have following information:-
    Short Description Link Picture Comparison (not mandatory but 1 out of 3 deal must have price comparison if there is any. Applicable for members who having 10+ SuperDeals)  
    Amazon Lightning deals and Flipkart guidelines:-
    No Credit for All in one Flipkart Dod or Amazon lightning deals unless we add example/deals. One should post with image, lightning deal url and price. Credit will be given only for today's lightning deal. No points will be added if deal is posted on front page with same or lower price in last 30 days. For Sub-Category Lightning deals only 100 points will be added.  
    Ebay deals guidelines:-
    You are not allowed to post Bid deals from ebay, only Buy it now deals are allowed Ebay seller must have 50+ score Ebay seller feedback must have 85% or more Selling item quantity must be 10 or above  
    Guidelines for upcoming deals:-
    Deal which are not live yet should be posted only in Hotdeal >Upcoming deals  An upcoming deals must have following information:- 1) Deal price  2) When deal is going to be live 3) Short description  
    Guidelines for daily deals if site offer more than 2 deal:-(Example: Amazon Lightning Deals, Flipkart Deals of the Day, Snapdeal Deals of the day) All deals should be posted in one post with all product link.
    Deal headline must have at least one product name with price (for example Homeshop18 today superdeal - samsung phone @ 1100 & more).  
    Editing deals:-
    Now our forum users have been given permission to edit deal and write description if they have forgot while posting deals. But you should remember these things.
    You can edit and write description with in 1 mins after posting deals after deal post will be locked. You are not allowed to change topic otherwise we will marked your post as in-valid and give first warning. Repeating same process will deduct 50 points. Your edited time will consider as posting time.  
    Claming credit:- You must claim any deal credit with in 24 hours of posting deal in Issue and suggestion forum.

    Deal with Multiple recommendations:- Points will be shared to all poster who have shared Deal individually in forum.

    A post will be consider Duplicate if:-
    One similar posted deal same price or coupon expires and live again within 30 days. Coupon changes but discount is same. One similar posted deal has some price difference Rs. 5 or below from laste front page deal but it is not 1 month old.  
    A post will be consider In-valid if:-
    Post doesn't have any description after 10 mins of posting deals. Post doesn't have any link. Posting item is out of stock or not available. Post contain misleading information or false information. Coupon code not written (if any).   
    Use forum search before posting deal to find out whether same deal has been posted before or not Post in right forum/section.  
    Do not post Affiliate link or do not self promote. If we find any of these, we will ban without warning. Do not copy/paste deal from other forum/site. Try to write your own content. Do not use abusive or foul language. Do not post illegal content. Do not make multiple accounts, only one IFS account is allowed per Household or IP
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    romanreigns reacted to JaiShriKrishna in Ifs Readers : Any Issues & Any Suggestions Pls Post Here....   
    atleast check the thread offer before merging and crediting (please read the subject and link, if you merging any thread), mehnat koi kre credit koi aur lejaye its not fair @Admin
    plz chk, thx
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