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    Bewda reacted to HellRocker in (Result Announced) IFS 7th Anniversary EVENT : RapidFire Round Of 15 Questions   
    Here's what you have been waiting for !! Presenting you the RapidFire round of 15 questions as part of the BIG IFS CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR EVENT.
    Contest Details:-
    IT'S Very Simply Contest ---->>> Rapid Fire Quiz ( 30th Dec, 6pm onwards)
    QUIZ question based on Technical,General knowledge,Cricket,Film news,Online websites & Surprise Questions etc,,,
    Rules & Regulations :-
    1)Who answers a Question first he wins the prize for that question ( who replies the questions first )
    2)Total 15 questions will be asked
    3) One user can win a maximum of only 1 prize in the contest
    4) Anyone making spam in the contest thread will be disqualified from the contest
    5) All Rights of contest will be in the hand of ADMIN & IFS TEAM
    6)  Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged
    7) Prizes will be (1) IFS points
    (2) Gift Vouchers
    (3) Surprisive Gifts etc,,,
    All the very best to all IFS readers
    --IFS TEAM
    Question will be asked in 5 Min Gap as reply in thread. You need to find question and answer here only. Answer and Winner will be get announce within one week. Gifts will be sent by within one week. For Amazon Time Pass voucher, be ready at add Amazon Gift voucher page. Winners:- 
    Question No. 1 winner :-   @addguide PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher Question No. 2 winner :-   @manu1144 PRIZE: Rs.200 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 3 winner :-   @Rim PRIZE: Rs 100 Mobile Recharge Question No. 4 winner :-   @sunilmalik1981 PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher Question No. 5 winner :-   @WalterWhite PRIZE: Deodorant Question No. 6 winner :-   @Cristiano  PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 7 winner :-   @MrLegend  PRIZE: Rs.300 Amazon Voucher Question No. 8 winner :-   @Green PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher Question No. 9 winner :-   @praba PRIZE: Rs.150 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 10 winner:-  @Varunz PRIZE: Rs.200 Mobile Topup Question No. 11 winner :- @superdealer PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher Question No. 12 winner :- @Bewda PRIZE: Rs.200 Flipkart Voucher Question No. 13 winner :- @Dovie PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 14 winner :- @explicitmind PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher Question No. 15 winner :- @romanreigns PRIZE: Surprise Gift Congratulation to all winners thank you all for participant.
    @MrLegend nailed it he give answer of question no :- 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 in first reply.
    but as we already state that one member can win one question prize so in these cases we awarded next correct reply, we also interchange some prize to give top member top value prize.
    winners you can pm Admin within 3-4 days  to claim your prize. After one week no prize will be given and thread will locked permanently. 
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