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  1. With the market overwhelming with newly introduced customized gadgets which have revolutionized the lifestyle of people in this modern world. Today in this world of artificial intelligence, the competition in the market has surpassed between multiple giants in the industry to cope up with the needs and interests of people. What is desired is about functionalities, the power consumption factor, the ease of use, the security and of course; looks. Let’s talk about Mobile phones; The smartest gadget in the hands of people. The present generations have witnessed how fast is the evolution of phones have taken place. Double SIM cell phones let you utilize two SIMs in a solitary telephone. The vast majority who utilize double SIM telephones discover the usefulness valuable for blending work and delight, instead of conveying separate telephones for their work and individual contracts. Adcom; an Indian firm, provides with the best available phones of low budget. Starting with basic mobile phones dual sim low price; Adcomhitech serves as the best option for every phone lovers who budget is cheap. The quality and service, which the company provides is uncompromising which is clearly reflected from its huge customer base and broad distribution throughout the length and breadth of the India. Beginning operations in 2017, they possesses hands-on industry experience with a number of diverse product launches in tow. Having backed by an experienced, skilful and passionate team of professionals. Along with the creative team, they tried to bring to life some of the most exclusive and innovative products. At Adcom India, each product launch is written to perfection with on-time delivery, operational excellence and exceptional after sales servicing. We work hard to cosign our sentiments, love and care along with our care packages. It has a huge display of various dual sim smartphone listed on their website suited for each and every choice. Dual sim mobile phones are additionally valuable for keeping up two individual contracts, in any case, whereby one may offer a decent rate on calls and messages, and alternate offers boundless information. Or on the other hand maybe you every now and again travel abroad, and might want to convey an Indian SIM for when you're at home and another that is neighborhood to the nation you're visiting. Among the best-selling smartphones, Viva V1, has proved to be at the top, with its quality as well as ease of use. Its features and specifications has made it an extraordinary choice at that available price. It has been featured on “BestpriceOn” as a best seller at best price. The priorities of today’s customers also points towards a need of an effective power unit; Battery. Adcom boasts of its big battery phones available in its store with 3000 mAH which satisfies the more power need option. These phones are specially designed to conserve more power even in its utilization. India has seen an exponential increase in how common man is adapting to the technological penetration in the cellular market especially this new age where internet is a critical lifeline. Adcom feature phones facilitate users to enjoy basic multimedia and internet facilities including using Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Tracker, and Bluetooth, video Recorder, wireless FM, Loudspeaker, Music Player, Torch & 3.5mm jack to enjoy music on the go. Adcom is working closely with the big e-commerce players to build experiences for their end users, and create a success story for all. They have already set up a store curating the most insightful & useful tech products. And for the people who care for them every day. All of this are backed up with the happiest customer service.
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