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  1. So the teacher is at the students house talking to their parents about a magical school and then disappear?Teacher: So your child is special so he will have to attend a magical school.Parents: That's great news, so we will need to buy school supplies that come in the letter?Teacher: That's correct, you will need magical money, you need to go through a wall that requires a spell to open to a alley that's full of wizards, so good luck and bye.
  2. The title is fairly self explanatory, I read it on the apple library thingy. The book was a sci-fi book about some kind of space mercenary type character, the biggest thing I remember about the book is that this protagonist has one eye missing as he had a relationship with some kind of pleasure android, this android later rips out his eye and steals something from him if my memory serves me right. I apologize for the severe lack of information but this is all I remember about the book, thanks in advance to anyone who reads through this.
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