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    Eagleboy reacted to HoBo in Happy New Year To All- Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016   
    Happy new year To all Ifsians
    This year may bring more loots 
    @IronMan @admin22 @Admin @dealsonly @HellRocker @harshitram @chen @cricket4all @ziagkp @stive @Trick @Eagleboy @raj @[email protected] @Campionite @dragonwarrior @superdealer @goldendealer @Animesh @Ranjanp
    And All others
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    Eagleboy reacted to Campionite in Bid & Win - Ifs Bid Of Your Luck   
    IFS Presents ---- Bid Of Your Luck!!!

    Hi guys this time something different.[Only for forum members]

    This time will try Bidding and the person who Bids highest wins.

    Bidding will be done through IFS points.

    So the rules/introduction to this bidding are as follows:-
    We will tell the thing(anything) available to bid. Every members must have that much minimum points, which you want to bid for. There must be anything for bidding like Rs.100 Mobile Recharge, 8GB PenDrive anything. Bid starts with 1 IFS points. So the member Bids highest will win. Bidding will continue the next 48 hrs. Order will be placed with in 48 hours after getting winner details and same IFS points will be removed from his account
    Example: Rs. 100 recharge,if highest bid is 300 ifs points,then user gets 100 recharge in exchanging of 300 points.

    Product Bid Thread will be posted under Hot Deals > Bid & Win . We will Also add Bid details here once any product added for Bid.
    [Over] Bid number 1:- Flipkart Rs. 200 Gift Voucher                               {Winner - Sammy, with highest bid of points 1830.} [Over] Bid number 2:- Rs. 500 Mobile or Data card recharge                {Winner - Animesh with highest bid of points 4500.} [Over] Bid number 3:- Rs. 200 Amazon Gift Card                                    {Winner - Mkarwasra with highest bid of points 2560.} [Over] Bid number 4:- Rs. 1000 Mobile or DTH Recharge.                     {Winner - Ziagkp with highest bid of points 9602.} [Over] Bid number 5:- Rs. 200 Shopclues Gift Voucher.                         {Winner - naveen-kapoor with highest bid of 2332 points.} [Over] Bid number 6:- Rs. 500 Prepaid Mobile/DTH Recharge              {Winner - Vtna with highest bid of 4525 points.} [Over] Bid number 7:- Rs. 1000 DTH Recharge or Prepaid Recharge  {Winner - Xervier with highest bid of 7500 points.} [Over] Bid number 8:- Rs. 500 Amazon gift card.                                     {Winner - mkarwasra with highest bid of 5101 points.} [Over] Bid number 9:- Rs. 500 Prepaid Mobile/DTH Recharge              {Winner - mkarwasra with highest bid of 4101 points.} [Over] Bid number 10:-  Rs. 200 Flipkart Voucher                                    {Winner - Asutos with highest bid of 2032 points.} [Over] Bid number 11:- Rs. 500 Prepaid Mobile/DTH Recharge            {Winner - mkarwasra with highest bid of 5303 points.} [Over] Bid number 12:- Rs. 500 BigBazaar Gift Card                               {Winner - MrDealer with highest bid of 3501 points.} [Over] Bid number 13:- Rs. 500 Prepaid Mobile/DTH Recharge            {Winner - mkarwasra with highest bid of 4704 points.} [Over] Bid number 14:-  Rs. 500 BigBazaar Gift Card                              {Winner - MrDealer with highest bid of 3051 points.}  
    How to Earn IFS Points:-
    Register & Get 250 Points Every Deal Promoted on Front Page 200 points For Every Thread 5 Points For Every Reply 1 points
    All Rights of contest will be in the hands of ADMIN & IFS TEAM and Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged.

    All the very best to all IFS readers
    --IFS TEAM
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    Eagleboy reacted to HellRocker in [Over] Congratulation And Wishes   
    Hello IFS users
    First, thanks for all your support and Congratulations for bringing the forum to such level.
    As thread title suggest this thread for Congratulation and Wishes, You can post all congratulatory messages and wishes here but not congratulation for Received Stuff because we already have a Product Review / Received Stuff section for that.
    Some points which should be followed strictly to maintain this thread clean
    Here You Can wish for Forum Usergroup Promotion, i.e to Expert, Legend, etc. Here You Can wish for Birthday. Here You Can wish for Forum Achievements, Like completing 1 or more year on forum, earning more than 10000 IFS points. No discussion, only wish allowed here. To receive birthday points you must have 100+ post in forum To receive reward points or medal you need to inform us within one week from date of completing a achievement. after it award will be given on your next achievements. Member who receiving Congrats/Wish Message can thanks Only one or Max two time for wish, not after every wish. Please Keep this Thread Clean. This is applicable only on new achievements. The Member who receiving Congrats/Wish Message will get ifs point and medal according to below table only when he thanks to members for their Congrats/Wish.

    ifs team try to give your reward asap but in any-case if we miss it or you not get your points or medal you can reply in this Thread

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