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  1. can u give ur account for 1 day as want to order 1s
  2. We are introducing new point system, where you will be rewarded for various activities on UserReviewd.com. Note that each point worth a one rupee. For example, if you have achieved 500 points, you would get Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs 500. Please read the guidelines for the point system as below, New Points are in RED! Description n Points Copying from other website / blogs. We really hate copied reviews. Our team can detect it in a few seconds. -20 points Sharing your own review on Facebook wall and Google Plus Submit shared fb & G link via email to listen [at] userreviewd [dot] com 10 Points For each Approved review! [Less than 1000 characters] 10 points Extra points For each Approved review while any offer is running. For example, 'Offer - Hot Summer Special : Write review about your AC! And get 20 points extra!' 20 points Adding new product (10). Provide 300x300 image and small description or product (10). 20 points New product on Internet! [in mobile, laptop, bike, car, electronics, branded clothes] 25 points For each Approved review! [Minimum 1000 characters at least one image] 25 points Review of the month. Review with good quality, maximum pageviews 50 points We may add points for comments, up/down votes, and other things in near future. Rules : -Minimum payout is 300 points and is only available in form of Flipkart Gift Voucher for now. And we pay only between 1st to 7th of every month. If your total points cross 300 after 7th of the month, you will be eligible for payment in next month. -You can hold your payout in your user -> home page. [upcoming..] -We 'may' introduce electric wire transfer for the same amount in your bank account, if convenient to us. -We may change / add / delete points in above table, as per requirements. -We may pause / end point system if we do not get quality contents. Or get spammed. We would try to payout existing points at that time. -Last date of point system is 31st of October. We may extend it depending upon response. -All rights are reserved to Team UserReviewd.com, and our decisions would be final. http://www.userreviewd.com/pages/point-system-userreviewd
  3. 302d56b2974fca594b7ca4000756124d
  4. Here we go! Get started now! Convert 25 friends and win Free Talk Time voucher worth Rs.300 First milestone 25 Free Talk Time voucher https://friendconverter.com/index.php Redemption Milestones Friends registered at level 1 Get Free Talk Time voucher worth Rs. 300 Friends registered at level 2 Get Restaurant voucher worth Rs. 500 Friends registered at level 3 Get Movie voucher worth Rs. 750 Friends registered at level 4 Get Jabong voucher worth Rs. 1000 Friends registered at level 5 Get Flipkart voucher worth Rs. 1500 Friends registered at level 6 Get Flipkart voucher worth Rs. 2000 Friends registered at level 7 Get a Tablet Friends registered at level 8 Get an iPhone please join using my link so i will get some credit
  5. “FEELGOOD” Promo Code E-voucher Offer: With Meru, traveling in Chennai is not only feel-good, but also affordable! Download the Meru Cabs app and use the promo code ‘FEELGOOD’ to get Rs. 100 off on your Meru cab ride. Happy traveling! It is valid for ALL the Meru & Meru Plus users who make trip with either of the services which is booked through Meru Cabs App & entered the promo code ‘FEELGOOD’ in the promo code voucher area while booking the service. Those who fulfill the above condition, they will get Rs.100 off on the fare amount applicable. If the fare value is lower than Rs.100, no compensation will be provided on the balance amount. If the fare value exceeds the promo code voucher amount, the balance can be paid by Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card. Example: If fare amount is less than Rs.100, the amount payable by the user will be Zero. If the fare amount is more than Rs.100, the amount payable will be less of Rs.100 & the balance will be paid by user. [E.g. If fare amount is 500, final amount payable will only be Rs. 400 (500-100)] The promo code voucher can ONLY be used to avail benefit on the cab services provided under the brand Meru &/or Meru Plus. The offer period is for 30 days starting from 24th June to 23rd July 2014. The promo code voucher will have a validity of 3 months from the start date of offer. The Company shall not be, in anyway, responsible if a promo code voucher is used without user’s permission. Once the promo code voucher is valid for one-time use for cab service booked from the specific mobile number. The promo code voucher cannot be clubbed with any other e-vouchers or any physical vouchers. Promo Code voucher cannot be redeemed for Cash or Credit. This promo code voucher offer is conducted at the sole discretion of the Company. In case of any disputes, the final decision will rest with the Company. This is a limited period offer and may be withdrawn without prior notice. https://www.facebook.com/MeruCabs
  6. Previously it was from 1 June-30 June Download LINE, chat with your friends and earn Rs. 111 FREE Talk Time. Winning free talk time can’t get any simpler than this! but now they have extended the offer 1 June-10 July Fb Page:- https://www.facebook.com/line.india download by clicking on below link http://line.me/en/download
  7. https://m.ak.fbcdn.net/sphotos-h.ak/hphotos-ak-frc1/t1/p403x403/1904038_599140020165782_1570788144_n.jpg Enter the #MagicMoments contest and tell us the most memorable magic moment with your baby. The grand prize is an exclusive photoshoot for the baby, which will also get featured in 'Femina' magazine. Along with this, the first 50 entries every day will receive Babyoye e-vouchers worth Rs. 500! Participate now https://www.facebook.com/johnsonsbabyindia?sk=app_696250147065166
  8. Here's your chance to meet the stars from the movie “Dishkiyaoon”. All you have to do is watch the trailer & answer 3 simple questions. And you might be the lucky one to meet the movie star cast. T&C Apply! Click here to participate: https://www.facebook.com/themobilestore.in/app_253364611509463
  9. How to Play You will be presented with pre-defined 'avatars' to play with As you select your friends, their profile pictures will appear on the 'avatars' There will be a set of pre-defined tools that you can use to play Holi with your friends. After you've had your fun, share your creations with your friends so that they can reciprocate! Invite more of your friends to increase your chances of winning https://www.facebook.com/BergerPaintsIndia
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