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  1. I purchased More products never before seeing IFS. it has changed my Shopping experience. Number of Purchases > Spent Money. Thanks IFS
  2. Admin.... I got 50 Rupees in the Wallet. but When i try to recharge , the wallet balance goes to Zero. .. did u try it???
  3. Hi ,. Tried continuously and Successfully registered on that website. but there is no balance in my wallet. then how did you get that. please help. Thanks
  4. Shopping is not limited to retail store hours. I can now shop anywhere and at anytime. This means that if I daily schedule doesn't allow for picking up house hold necessities or if you get the shopping bug at 12am;My shopping mall is now just one click away .
  5. Hi ,, We Need to refresh the Home page for view the coupons or it will be shown automatically at 11am & 5pm??? Thanks
  6. Hello admin , Is there any trick to pay the amount instantly for buying the item.? the applied coupon was expired before pay the amount. cant buy anything. pls help.
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