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  1. bought this for my mom: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00E1EYQN8/ref=gbsl_tit_c-4_2727_5200e702?smid=A2MTUGD8XKAQL0&pf_rd_m=A1VBAL9TL5WCBF&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_s=center-4&pf_rd_r=10NGBKYSZ6PTJ4J5ZEW7%22 @ Rs.823
  2. checking post count Edit: great m eligible ! I've had some awesome experience shopping online. And it was made possible only by IFS ! Have had some great discounts from top e-commerce sites like e-bay, amazon, myntra. And not to forget, this forum is one of the most active forum I've seen till now. Thanks IFS !!
  3. For me, day before yesterday, BSNL was working and I recharged 2 nos. So guys keep trying everyday, you have enough time till 6th, so it'll recharge some day !
  4. BSNL numbers won't work. Try with some other operator.
  5. Guys please add/send me stickers: id: geekyme
  6. previous question answer is 200 check here: u have to login to check it: http://www.m4maths.com/7807-What-is-the-least-number-of-Identical-cuboids-each-of-dimensions-2cm-4cm-5cm-that-are-required-to-form-a.html
  7. I guess answer is 200 http://www.m4maths.com/7807-What-is-the-least-number-of-Identical-cuboids-each-of-dimensions-2cm-4cm-5cm-that-are-required-to-form-a.html
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