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  1. You get 6 trial points upon registering. You can use that to order products. You have to pay Rs 168 + GST for service and shipping fee. They say you will get Rs 168 as cashback in the Smytten wallet. Don't know how much of this is true.
  2. Link is dead. Post can be marked as expired
  3. Nice way to get someone else pay your bill for free :D BTW why are you sharing the private details like your account number to the public? Don't you feel its unsafe?
  4. Reaching out to all the members living in Pune: I have a couple ticket (i.e. 2 tickets) for the movie Doctor Strange (IMAX 3D) in Cinepolis: WestEnd Mall Sumashilp, Aundh, ***VIP Recliner Seats***. The show is at 9:10 AM on Thursday, 15th December, 2016. I booked the ticket mistakenly and now it cannot be cancelled. I will be unable to see the movie since my daughter's school event is scheduled on the same day from 9 AM to 12 PM. So if anyone of you is interested to get the IMAX 3D experience and is available to use the opportunity, please let me know. Actual Cost of 2 tickets: Rs 700 (Rs 350 each) Selling Cost of 2 tickets: Rs 350 (*50% off* ) I will not even take the convenience fees, taxes etc from you that I paid to BookMyShow for the booking. So do not miss this deal. You can pay me by PayTM, Mobikwik, NEFT, IMPS or any other online wallet.
  5. Still no luck for me guys. I do not know what to do now Here is the latest email chain between me and Syska customer care: > Complaint regarding malfunctioned Syska LED bulb Fri, Aug 26, 2016 at 12:15 AM To: Sunny Chhabra Cc: SYSKA LED-Customer Care <[email protected]> Hi Sunny, Its already past 4 days now since you informed me that a courier person will contact me to pick up the defective product. As usual, nothing has happened. I do not understand what is the problem here!! I am already so much fed up writing emails again and again to you guys. If claiming a warranty for a small thing like bulb is giving me so much headache, then I wonder what will happen if I buy something bigger of a Syska product!! I will be really grateful if you can either look into the issue or let me know where I can go personally in Pune to return the bulb and get a new one there? Regards, Brotin Datta Mobile: On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 11:35 AM, Sunny Chhabra <> wrote:
  6. Syska LED is a very overrated brand. They are showing off through their ADs on the TV but in reality their products suck and do not even last more than 2 months. Their customer service is also pathetic. I bought a pair of Syska LED bulbs SSK-SRL-9W from Flipkart in the month of June, 2016 but in the month of August (1st week), one of the bulbs simply stopped working. I doubt even the second one will malfunction soon. Till now I have been trying to get the faulty one replaced but no action has been taken by them. I have raised a complaint EC160813884 by calling customer care and also posted my complaint in their Facebook page but no luck. Only a computerized email confirming that they will look into that was sent to me. I have also attached the email communication I had with these guys till now. Now you can easily get the picture of how Syska LED is behind the scenes and how reliable they are!
  7. Coupon is sold out now. Thanks everyone for your offers.
  8. I have a coupon that will give you Rs 125 off on Rs 500 on Snapdeal. I got the voucher from Redbus as part of their promotional campaign. The coupon will expire on 20th January, 2016. Let me know if you anyone of you need it and what you can offer on exchange? Regards, Brotin
  9. Very new website and store. Not trustworthy. I ordered from them on 1-Jan-2016, cleared the payment on 4-Jan-2016 and order now shows confirmed. However, its been 10 days now and they have not even shipped the order.
  10. Has anyone got the Amazon Gift voucher for signing up on “My Money”? Here is the link of the homepage deal in IFS: http://indiafreestuff.in/free-icici-my-money-30-days-subscription-amazon-voucher-worth-rs-100/ BTW, remember to cancel the subscription in time else Rs 300 will be charged from your account.
  11. I bought Cornitos Tomato Mexicana Nacho chips from Aamzon (Lightning Deal): http://www.amazon.in/Cornitos-Nachos-Crisps-Tomato-Mexicana/dp/B00MCJFU3Y/ref=sr_1_5?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1417152435&sr=1-5&keywords=cornitos Now waiting for a Dip/Sauce to come up in lightning deal before the chips arrive, else will buy it from store
  12. India Australia Arctic Ocean Monday Seven Patience is the key virtue to be a successful person. First day of the month Chaitra ( in 2014 it will be on March 31) Spring Festival / Lunar New Year June 1, 2011 Canada
  13. Did that now. I was earlier clicking on the green thumb and getting the prompt "Thanks for the vote". I guess voting a post up and repping is different funda here.
  14. Thanks admin for confirming that @saiswaroop1989 - I have added reps for you. Send me the trick now
  15. I knew only you would reply I wonder why anyone else is not claiming that your trick worked for them!
  16. Can someone (other than the person who started this thread) please confirm that the trick worked for them?
  17. There is a scam going on for the diapers by Hushbabies. They deliberately keep the diapers out of stock so that you have no other choice other than subscribing to their diaper program (Subscribe-to-Save). When I called them and inquired, I came to know that you have to pay for 9 months subscription (Rs 6300) upfront!!! and irrespective of the status shown "out of stock", the diapers will be delivered to you in 3-5 working days! I have seen that the status of Huggies and Pampers diaper never change on this website. This is totally NOT ETHICAL!
  18. 1. Option C - Governor 2. Option C - Bombay 3. Rajghat 5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad 6. Jawaharlal Nehru
  19. Thank you very much, team IndiaFreeStuff.com for choosing me as a winner. I really admire your forum where you have created a common platform for users from various parts of the country to share a deal with the fellow IndiaFreeStuff-ers
  20. The best deal that I got following the posts in IndiaFreeStuff.in is definitely the Sandisk 8GB Pen Drive and a Sandisk 8GB MicroSD which I bought from ShopClues.com using the jaw dropping deal offer of Rs. 129 (Rs. 99 + 30 for shipping) each!!! Never found such an offer ever till date on any online store and not even in a a shop in the market. Thanks a bunch to IndiaFreeStuff for that and wishing them a very Prosperous and Happy New Year!!
  21. Naam mein kya rakha hai... Its very easy to forge a name in India. But now I strongly feel that the modus operandi of Sankalp Deals (kaivalya desai) may be same as that of the other sankalp. Smuggling items at very cheap from the CSD canteens and then selling them at a profit in eBay.
  22. @Jairaj... I can empathize with you on your situation. Now either you would have to keep the product or spend heavily on sending the product to them using courier. Let us know what path you chose or how you finally managed to get the issue resolved.
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