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  1. ............But visiting- indiafreestuff.in, You Can Sure Change Your Perception.
  2. Happy B'day IFS and congrats Admin for making this forum the best among others. I really appreciate ur interaction with members. And all Mods should be given a salute for their dedication. All the best
  3. My answers:- 1. India 2. Australia 3. Arctic Ocean 4. Monday 5. Seven 6. Girls also ruling forums 7. 3rd century BC 8. Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally ran from Chinese New Year's Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month, making the festival the longest in the Chinese calendar. Because the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the "Lunar New Year". 9. June 1, 2011 10. Canada
  4. http://www.homeshop18.com/samsung-guru-e1200-mobile-phone/mobiles/mobile-phones/product:29273583/cid:3027 Deal price: Rs.1069 Use code: Hs18APP200 to get Rs.200 off. thro' ur mobile app.
  5. Repost : http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php/topic/73010-trynbuy-india-clean-clear-morning-energy-facewash-for-free
  6. Thanks pranoy.. Modified my DOB and now its available. Ordered Thanks a lot..
  7. And ADMIN.. u r really awesome.. Replying each and every thread immediately with ur own way of replies .. Good going. All the best. Happy to be here
  8. Use Coupon Code:- ZXYBWA http://www.kidzblush.com/combo-offers/designer-bodycon-dress- Free - 3 Designer Hair Clutcher (3 colors)
  9. This point is fine but not fully acceptable. On the other hand u can give warnings or simply delete the repost (with points reduction) , Or just merge the repost with the original post and reduce the points by 10.
  10. Yes agreed. Definitely 1 Re or 10 points per deal is needed. 10 deals gives only Re.1, How about 10 deals = Rs.10. Its time to make some moderations.
  11. Hi friends, Just complete 4 profile surveys (No screening out) and get 200 points per survey (Rs.20 each) So total Rs.80 for 4 surveys. And good thing is you get the points instantly. http://www.thepanels...ation/MyProfile Some people might have known it already. Just thought of sharing it for those who dint login TPS profile.
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