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  1. not working after removing playsore id and clear app data , is there any other trick
  2. http://pokkt.com/pm/wp25890
  3. nirmal I think wait, meine bhi sms ke baad hi install kiya tha, and I got recharge. make sure the message was sent(from wechat account).
  4. first download the app link provided earlier, then in the app you will find different earnings opportunity.
  5. why everytime transaction decline, even on new device
  6. app download new options added total for r26 now
  7. 9729069120, 8398840409, 9416465261, 9068946811
  8. I think link for this app http://pokkt.com/pm/wp25890
  9. plz send 8198944088,8398840409,9416465261,9068946811
  10. shopping online gives better bargains. Also come to know new brands.But buy from trusted sites only, sometimes deep discounts sites may fraud.
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