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  1. 10 am to 10pm is hour wise 1st slot was 10am to 11am and 12th slot is 9pm to 10pm
  2. Are total 12 tasks honge and its already over now I think no more tasks will b posted now.
  3. #IFSCARNIVAL2015 http://indiafreestuff.in/shopclues-coupons-rs-200-off-on-rs-800-14-off-rs-275-off-on-rs-2100-more/
  4. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/topic/190503-ifs-christmas-and-new-year-event-win-prizes/?do=findComment&comment=431732
  5. Experience of the year The experience which i m going to share will seems to be funny after reading it but that happened and proved to give some very happy and hectic moments to me. My mother and my masi had to go to orrisa for my cousin's marriage which was on 26 nov. So i booked their train ticket of 23 nov but the status of PNR on 22 eve was 45 WL. So somehow after talking to an officer on NDlS station i was able to convert its status to RAC. But on 23 nov the train was left however we ran before the train but my mother could not board the train. Then my mother and masi get into the train of bhuwneshwar which was standing on the other side of train and that too without ticket . Look they are so brave that two ladiies went into train without ticket to travel a distance of about 1800 kms. Finally they reached their destination. But do you know what the same thing happned when they had to take the train to return the delhi. . Again they left the train and board the another train. See these brave ladies. I can never forgot this incident in my life. Mee shock and ladies rock
  6. Pm me the trick plzzzz Thanks in advance
  7. Not able 2 pm u Pm me to get referal code
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