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    nelsonite got a reaction from MrLegend in (Result Announced) IFSCARNIVAL2017 RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 15 QUESTIONS (2nd Slot)   
    this is right answer I think.
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    nelsonite got a reaction from HellRocker in (Result Announced) IFSCARNIVAL2017 RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 15 QUESTIONS (2nd Slot)   
    I got it second time...yipeee....
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    nelsonite got a reaction from HellRocker in (Result Announced) IFSCARNIVAL2017 RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 15 QUESTIONS (2nd Slot)   
    True and plus 1 to comment. I won many times. Every time fair and square. Very g ood Mods too.
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    nelsonite got a reaction from HellRocker in (Result Announced) IFSCARNIVAL2017 RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 15 QUESTIONS (2nd Slot)   
    This is wrong answer I think.
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    nelsonite got a reaction from HellRocker in (Result Announced) IFSCARNIVAL2017 : RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 15 QUESTIONS) (1ST SLOT)   
    I am totally killing it today.......
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    nelsonite got a reaction from HellRocker in (Double Your Happiness) Share your Shopping with IFS and Win Gifts Vouchers, Paytm Cash and Recharges   
    Bought with the help of IFS

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    nelsonite reacted to harshitram in [Result Out] Ifs Presents Q20 With T20 : A Rapifire Round On 24Th May, 8 Pm Onwards....   
    This IPL Finals, have a fun-filled time with our exciting contest.....
    IFS presents Q20 WITH T20: A rapidfire round on 24th may, 8pm onwards....
    Get Ready IFS Readers !!!
    Contest Details:-
    Its Very Simply Contest ---->>> T20 WITH Q20: Rapid Fire Quiz (  May 24th 8 pm onwards)
    CRISPY INNINGS:  In  each innings of the IPL Final there will be a total of 10 questions asked ( one question for every 2 overs). Total questions: 2 innings = 10 + 10 = 20 questions. 
    INNINGS BREAK MASTI: One bonus question will be asked during the inning break of the IPL Finals.
    QUIZ question based on Technical,General knowledge,Cricket,Flim news,Online websites & Surprise Questions etc,,,
    The questions can be seen above the topic headline and you need  to answer it as a reply to the thread.
    CAUTION: Mobile users while taking part in the contest, please use only FULL VERSION. ( not valid for mob version )
    Rules & Regulations :-
    1)Who answers the Questions first correctly he wins the prize ( who replies the questions first  correct)
    2)Total 20 + 1 questions will be asked
    3) All Rights of contest will be in the hands of ADMIN & IFS TEAM
    4) One user can win a maximum of only 2 prizes in the contest
    5) Prizes will be
    1) IFS points  2) Gift Vouchers 3) Mobile Recharge 3) Surprisive Gifts etc,,, 6) Anyone making spam in the contest thread will be disqualified from the contest
    7) Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged
    All the very best to all IFS readers
    --IFS TEAM
    Winners List :-
    q1) which indian city is labelled as city of Joy? 
    Ans: Kolkata [ishugarg19]. Prize: Rs.100 shopclues voucher
    q2) How many likes do Indiafreestuff facebook page have?
    ( approx value is also considered ). Ans: 54K [sunnyGoyal]. Prize: Rs.50 mobile recharge   q3) Who is the cinematographer for Piku movie? Ans: Kamaljeet Negi [smilesaakshi1]. Prize: 1000 IFS points   q4) In which year was the first hockey world cup organised? Ans: 1971 [Hagam]. Prize: 1500 IFS points   q5) What is the customer care number of Myntra?  Ans: +91-80-43541999 [anuj]. Prize: Rs. 100 Dominos voucher (Valid till 31st May).   q6) Which airport has been adjudged the World's best airport for the year 2014? Ans: Indira Gandhi International Airport [Animesh]. Prize: Rs. 50 mobile recharge   q7) Who is the richest member in Indiafreestuff? Ans: superdealer [Animesh]. Prize: 1000 IFS points   q8) what is the first 3D animated film from India? Ans: My Dear Kuttichathan [bimelds]. Prize: Rs.100 Shopclues voucher   q9) who has got the orange cap in the IPL of this season? Ans: David warner. [nelsonite]. Prize: 1500 IFS points   q10) who is the king of spain? Ans: Felipe [Coolman]. Prize: Rs. 50 mobile recharge   BONUS QUESTION: what is the link for Indiafreestuff freebies page? ( not freebies section under forum) Ans: http://indiafreestuff.in/category/free-sample/ [MrDealer]. Prize: Iron Box.   q11) which year was declared as the International year of astronomy? Ans: 2009 [nelsonite]. Prize: 1000 IFS points.   q12) Who is the director of Gabbar is back movie? Ans: Krish [Deepn94]. Prize: Rs. 50 mobile recharge   q13)  when is world ozone day celebrated? Ans: September 16 [cs1990]. Prize: 2000 IFS points.   q14) At what time and date the snapdeal India Mobile Day sale is going to start? Ans: 9 am, 25th May [MrDealer]. Prize: Rs.100 mobile recharge   q15) In which year was oscar awards instituted? Ans: 1929 [cs1990]. Prize: Rs.100 Baskin Robins Voucher   q16) who is the most valuable player of IPL of this season? Ans: Andre Russell [smilesaakshi1]. Prize: 1500 IFS points   q17) who are the 2 producers of pk movie? Ans: Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani [shekhee]. Prize:  Rs.50 mobile recharge   q18) who is the author of the book "Sachin cricketer of the century" ? Ans: Vimal Kumar [explicitmind]. Prize: 1000 IFS points   q19) What is the ph.no to be dialed to download the flipkart app? Ans: 1800-266-1001 [tariqkanpur]. Prize: 8GB pen drive   q20) which is the most intelligent animal in the world? Ans: Gorrillas ( chimpanzee) [sunshines]. Prize: Rs.50 mobile recharge.     How To Grab The Prizes :-     Recharge Winners Send Their  Respective Mobile Number To Admin Via Pm , Recharge will be done within 48 Hours            Send Pm with this Format [  Mobile No, Mobile Operator Name , Circle  Name]    Voucher Winners  wait for a PM from Admin  within 24 - 48 hours. Remaining Winners will be contacted by Admin Via Pm  for your address and other necessary details  within 48 hours. 
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    nelsonite got a reaction from Sudharshan007 in [Winners Declared] Ifs Presents :- " Rapid Fire " Round On Republic Day   
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