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  1. Mixed experience, not too bad not too good but overall it was good to have this and won a few prizes
  2. You can also tick the ones those got claimed so others will not waste time over there, however its still fun to try
  3. Can buy at 30 final price if any one wants to sell
  4. You made this post in June, and I completed a year in jan, so what now? What in that case?
  5. As per my profile, I am a dedicated member, but never got any points for the same?
  6. So will you still process the gift for him Now since you know, don't you think you should hold or pass it on to the actual winner, else these people will continue doing this
  7. Now since you figured it out, nothing against the forum but will like to challenge this one, do you practically think it is possible? Or any other member think it is? Can a question be answered in 5 seconds, that too after calculating
  8. Can I order a Pizza of Rs.49 +Rs. 5 Tax to get 50 cashbask in Paytm wallet or is there any hidden T&C and also is there any limit on number of orders per day/ per account Anyone knows about it?
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