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  1. I am thankful to all IFS team member for nice contest on this festival & new year Season. Big clap for all member. I tried my best to participate on every contest but only one contest I won 500 IFS point . Thank You @Campionite. My suggestion for this Website 1.More organize on forum Page. 2. Recent post is not correct mean it is reflecting very late at home page. 3. More international freebies. Need to search and post. 4.We can add different service with this platform. I really do not want to stuck with deal and freebies only. 5.Live chat like shout box on forum front page.
  2. [Happy New year] Wish A Happy New Year to All IFS Team & Member. Hope We get more freebies & deal on this Year
  3. Wish Adv Happy Diwali to all, I have purchased some item .and some are on the way. 1.Making India Awesome New Essays and Columns by Chetan Bhagat Rs. 35 @ Amazon http://indiafreestuff.in/making-india-awesome-new-essays-and-columns-by-chetan-bhagat-rs-165-amazon/ Order Detail: 2.That's the Way We Met (Sorry I am not finding the IFS link.) Note: When I am attaching the Image getting error as you are not allowed to extend the imge
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