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    Shekheee reacted to wintersoldier in Groupon-Tell Us What You're Doing This Valentine's Day And Get 50 Credits   
    Answer a short survey (3 min) and get 50 groupon credits free(source: Groupon fb page)
    Sorry if repost admin
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    Shekheee got a reaction from shubhamv in [Prize Announced] Indiafreestuff Presents : Blink And Miss Fifa Quiz   
    the prizes...when???
    i hv got 3
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    Shekheee reacted to superdealer in [Prize Announced] Indiafreestuff Presents : Blink And Miss Fifa Quiz   
    Fédération Internationale de Football Association
    The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA, /ˈfiːfə/; English: International Federation of Association Football)
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    Shekheee got a reaction from shubhamv in [Prize Announced] Indiafreestuff Presents : Blink And Miss Fifa Quiz   
    huh... hadd hog gyi timings ki.....
    koi na..nxt time....
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    Shekheee reacted to harshitram in [Prize Announced] Indiafreestuff Presents : Blink And Miss Fifa Quiz   
    IFS Back Again With Outstanding Contest For FIFA Lovers
    IFS Presents:------>>>> BLINK AND MISS FIFA QUIZ
    Terms & Conditions :-
    All Ifs Registered Users Would Able to Participate In this Contest..
    Once Posted The " Answer " Couldn't Change [We Strictly Consider]
    Per Each User Only One Entry per question [Strictly Consider]
    All Rights of This Contest Is Under Indiafreestuff Mod Team.
    Winners Will Be only those who answer first and correctly
    Contests Starts From :- 26th June
    Contests Ends On :- 14th July

    How to Participate:-
    There will be total 10 questions asked in the contest period
    These questions will be BLINK AND MISS which means the questions will posted in this thread on the given date and time exactly and it will again disappear after few seconds.
    The one who answers the question first and correctly will win some exciting prize.
    Only one question will be blinked at a time respective to the time and dates of the questions given below

    Date's and timing of questions:-

    1st question - OVER
    2nd question - OVER
    3rd question - OVER
    4th question - OVER
    5th question - OVER
    6th question - OVER
    7th question - OVER
    8th question - OVER
    9th question - OVER
    10th question- OVER

    Winners and Prizes:-
    1st question : What is the Full Form of FIFA in English and French ?
    Answer: IN FRENCH: Fédération Internationale de Football Association
    IN ENGLISH: International Federation of Association Football
    Winner: Superdealer Prize: Rs. 200 Mobile or DTH Recharge
    2nd question : Who is the runner up of FIFA final match in the year 1934 ?
    Answer: Czechoslovakia
    Winner: stylishjain Prize: Tshirt
    3rd question: Who are the main 6 ongoing sponsors of FIFA?
    Answer: Adidas, Coco - cola, Emirates, Hyundai - kia motors, sony, visa
    Winner: Shekheee Prize: Deodorant
    4th question: Fifa consists of how many individual laws currently? Name one of them.
    Answer: 17 laws. The field of play or any of the rest.
    Winner: swar12894 Prize: 8GB Pendrive
    5th question: Which team is the most successful team in FIFA?
    Answer: Brazil
    Winner: reetan Prize: Deodrant
    6th question: What was the first Asian country to appear in the Fifa World Cup?
    Answer: Dutch East Indies ( presently Indonesia )
    Winner: DeaLBreakeR Prize: Tshirt
    7th question: Brazil is going to play against which team for the semi finals tomorrow (i.e., 8th July) ?
    Answer: Germany
    Winner: Shekheee Prize: 8 GB Pendrive
    8th question: How many teams played in the first World Cup?
    Answer: 13
    Winner: Shekheee (Prize: Rs. 200 Mobile or DTH Recharge)
    9th question: In which 2 years FIFA world cup was not held and why?
    Answer: 1942 and 1946, due to World War II.
    Winner: vinnie Prize: Deodrant
    10th question: Who is the champion and runner - up of Fifa world cup 2014 ?
    Answer: Champion: Germany, Runner-up: Argentina
    Winner: swar12894 Prize: Deodorant
    How to Claim Prizes:-

    Send PM to Admin here with full shipping details with pin code and mobile number. For Mobile/DTH recharge send Mobile or DTH details.We will process gift with in 72 hours after getting shipping details.

    Total 10 winners will get exciting prizes (Pendrives, Deodorants, Tshirts, Books, Mobile Recharge & more)
    All The Best
    ----IFS Mod Team

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    Shekheee reacted to Kunal1994 in 50 Rs. Free Recharge   
    I will recharge ur no. With 50 at any time. Please give me. [email protected]
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