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  1. On 14/09/2017 at 2:52 PM, HellRocker said:


    Here's what you have been waiting for !! Presenting you the RapidFire round of 15 questions as part of theBig IFSCARNIVAL2017.

    Contest Details:-90a3c697f77540758170d20abbfef5c5.gif

    ITS Very Simply Contest ---->>> Rapid Fire Quiz ( 17th October, 6pm onwards)

    QUIZ question based on Technical,General knowledge,Cricket,Flim news,Online websites & Surprise Questions etc,,,

    Rules & Regulations :-90a3c697f77540758170d20abbfef5c5.gif

    1)Who answers a Question first he wins the prize for that question ( who replies the questions first )

    2)Total 15 questions will be asked

    3) One user can win a maximum of only 1 prize in the contest

    4) Anyone making spam in the contest thread will be disqualified from the contest

    5) All Rights of contest will be in the hand of ADMIN & IFS TEAM

    6)  Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged

    7) Prizes will be (1) IFS points

    (2) Gift Vouchers

    (3) Surprisive Gifts etc,,,

    All the very best to all IFS readers

    --IFS TEAM


    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 1 winner :-  @nelsonite PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 2 winner :- @MrLegend PRIZE: Rs.200 Flipkart Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 3 winner :- @Arjit PRIZE: Rs 100 Mobile Recharge
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 4 winner :- @Dovie  PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 5 winner :- @prashukj11 PRIZE: Surprise Gift
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 6 winner :- @WalterWhite  PRIZE: PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 7 winner :- @Napster  PRIZE: Rs.150 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 8 winner :- @superdealer PRIZE: Rs.200 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 9 winner :- @romanreigns PRIZE: Rs.100 Flipkart Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 10 winner :- @caraxes PRIZE: Rs.100 Amazon Voucher
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 11 winner :- @paul4frnd PRIZE:  Surprise Gift
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 12 winner :- @abhishekjain26 PRIZE:  Rs 100 Mobile Recharge
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 13 winner :- @skc1558 PRIZE:  Rs 100 Mobile Recharge
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 14 winner :- @GAMBHIR1 PRIZE: Surprise Gift
    • gift.GIFQuestion No. 15 winner :- @explicitmind PRIZE: Surprise Gift

    Congratulation to all winners thank you all for participant.

    @nelsonite @MrLegend @superdealer give more than one correct answer is their reply.

    but as we already state that one member can win one question prize so in these cases we awarded next correct reply, we also interchange some prize to give top member top value prize.

    victory.gifwinners you can pm Admin within 3-4 days  to claim your prize. After one week no prize will be given and thread will locked permanently. IFS Points winners, IFS Points will be credited automatically into your account in 2 -3 days. 


  2. [Diwali moment with IFS]

    Indiafreestuff is an fantastic website which provides loot deals at lightning speed for us.

    I feel that it is the best website for online shopping deals and discounts.

    Indiafreestuff has helped me a lot in saving lot of money while shopping since many years.

    Beautiful Diwali rangoli



    Mouthwatering dishes made by my mom



    Diwali special desi art :P



    This time I didnt burst fire crackers as it causes air pollution.

    Instead I burst these ecofriendly crackers

    I even got this for free because of online shopping



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