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  1. Recently Udio database was hacked(heard somewhere).So if someone had money in wallet then I wanted to trade with him. Btw dont need Udio now.Thanks for replying
  2. I am ready to give extra Paytm cash.Pm me urgently
  3. I need 200 Udio cash in exchange of Paytm cash.Pm me
  4. If anyone has Shopclues coupons pm me
  5. @AdminI have got the proof https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:CNovzTYenDsJ:https://www.indiafreestuff.in/forum/profile/46601-mrlegend/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in As per the webcache on 14th June I have 205 SDs and 1456 points.After 14th June I have 4 SDs 1)Firstcry Free at Three 2)Paytm Sunday Bazaar sale 3)Bingo Mad Angles offer 4)Usha Iron So it should be 209 SDs and 2299 points.
  6. @Admin When Bingo deal was made SD I had 208 superdeals before that also I have been checking and 208 is correct now after Iron deal it should be 209
  7. @Admin Morning time I had around 208 SDs and above 2000 points but few minutes ago it reduced to 207 SDs and 1898 points and now after Usha Iron sd its 208 SDs again
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