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  1. Sad i was very curious..cz my team KKR won..anyways congo winners
  2. well i started shop online after finding IFS. IFS is the best place to find good deals and i have saved a huge amount of money and it is all due to IFS. Thanks for making my online shopping experience hassle free.
  3. 1. India 2. Australia 3. Arctic Ocean 4. Monday 5. Seven 6.Everybody says that nothing is free in this world, but after being a member of IFS i got tons of products for free.So I learnt "Nothing is Free in this world" is just an old cliche. 7.First day of the month Chaitra Is celebrated as Hindu Nav Varsh 8.The first day of the first month, in the Chinese calendar is assigned to an animal. According to one belief, Buddha promised gifts to all animals that would pay him homage. Only 12 animals came to honor Buddha so, to favor these 12 animals, each one was given one of the 12 years of the Chinese zodiac. People born during one of the animal's years are said to inherit distinctive characteristics of that animal. The signs repeat every 12 years.. 9. June 1, 2011 10. Canada
  4. Dear Admin i have sent you my details by clicking on "Contact US" please confirm if you have got... thanks for choosing me one of the winners of this contest.
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