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  1. Thanks yr @dealguruzz. Day was awesome. Your treat is waiting for you.
  2. Yup it's only good for products sold on Mrp but in the name of mothers love store and delighting customers with 30 percent discount, grofers is looting people. Their prices are quite high for fruits and vegetables.
  3. Mothers love store now available for delhi ncr region . Looting people Watermelon 2kg. for Rs 145 They were selling watermelon 2kg for Rs 52 earlier when mother love store was unavailable Now they are giving 30 percent on ordering from mothers love which is of no use because even after availing discount prices are too high, Prices are kept high such that even after discount products seems costly. Shocking to see, Didn't expected this from brand like grofers.
  4. A site cannot make progress with no customers trust and satisfaction. At least it should adhere to meet quality expectations but here nothing is true
  5. thanks for the info..you r right.
  6. their customer support is very irritating...
  7. ur right but cheating is cheating either it is everytime or some time. I am not giving bad review for the times when offers is genuine but I am just giving review for the times when they cheated us. The fact taht they cheated us most times cannot be overlooked. User expectation certainly decreases.
  8. Paytm is making fool by playing out of stock game. Both of these items and many more were available in 100% cashback sale of electronics. First of all while adding them in cart, error message is showing up and then they went otu of stock suddenly without even any item is sold. See total orders in top right side of every pic. This cant be a technical error all the time. this is truth that paytm is playing games with customer. Arey why do you hold such sales if you cannot meet expectation and rising demand of customers.?????????? This is a common cheating happening these days on ecommerce sites, paytm is one of them. Paytm -- please keep your products with yourself, we dont want any of these either in sale for free or by paying money. But kindly do not waste our time and money and make your image even worsen than as of now. We may not bear these type of cheats everyday or every month. You wanted us to become habitual of these type of cheats.. I am not saying everytime you cheated us but most of the times and the proof is attached. Now how can customer trust such sites when their sale makes no sense, even product information is wrong,,,, They even dont have any control on sellers doing whatever they want, seller can send wrong,defective,damaged, different and so on items, but in the end customer has to pay for everything just by wasting so much time and money on internet............. Their business is running irrespective of what custoemr has to face. fake-out-of-stock.bmp fake-out-of-stock2.bmp
  9. Can you help us understand, what Steps we need to follow?
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