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  1. Giveaway.....Amazon 20₹ GV....!! Total 6-GV....Each one Will Post at Every 5 Minute Will Start @ 4 PM Today
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  6. Looted ....35 Pc Maggi 2-Minutes Noodles Masala, 280g [email protected] 12 rs Each...73% Off ... and 2Pc f Haldiram's Nagpur All in One, 350g
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  8. Canola Oil Myths and Truths Is canola oil “toxic,” as many people warn? No. The confusion involves erucic acid, a substance in traditional rapeseed that has been linked with structural changes in heart tissues and other problems in animals. But canola has been specifically bred to be very low in erucic acid. Despite the long-standing safety of canola oil, the Internet is still awash with rumors that it causes all kinds of maladies. There has never been any evidence to support these claims. According to the EPA, canola oil’s “toxicological profiles are similar to those of other vegetable oils that are used as food.”\
  9. Miss Sweaty... If u Dont Know .. then Dont Misguide/Manipulate others about Facts....!! U can Google it the Best top 10 Cooking edible Oil...!!None of all oils are Perfect ...everyone having Pros & Cons but u cant ignore its one of the best Healthy Oil.. Olive Oil> Canola Oil> Sunflower Oil> Mustard Oil> RiceBran Oil> Soyabean Oil if u cant Google then i can help u ... Check this..!! http://www.healthcastle.com/cooking-oils.shtml http://www.bistromd.com/healthy-eating/the-top-10-best-cooking-oils http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/the-5-best-cooking-oils-for-health.html Bro...Thanks For Congratulating me..!! But... Dosnt make any sense Of ur Comments..at least Google it any facts before Commenting ....!!! Soyabean oil is Nowhere in the Top5 of Healthy Oil ....!! Check Below and above link too.. http://www.howstuffcompares.com/doc/s/soybean-oil-vs-canola-oil.htm http://www.healthcastle.com/cooking-oils.shtml
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