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  1. johit

    Cheater Board

    I got after 2 days from the recharge and it was already used
  2. johit

    Cheater Board

    Bhai I'm not a regular forum user and I don't often go to the trade section
  3. johit

    Cheater Board

    If nothing else, please ban him from the site
  4. johit

    Cheater Board

    I know I'm quite late here in posting but anyway: http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/user/10629-roxhit/ Roxhit is an advanced member here and cheated me of 1000 Rs late in December 2014. We had a deal where I would give him 1000 RS recharge and he will give me a flipkart gift voucher. I did the recharge first as I thought that an advanced member is unlikely to cheat me. I'm adding the proof for everyone to see that he was tip toeing from the first moment where he said that he is not in whatsapp even though I didn't ask him about whatsapp, I just asked the phone number
  5. Good job bro!! You bought from me @2.5 and are selling for 4 each. Good business man
  6. Selling them now.. Don't have too many left
  7. I'm not going to pm anyone.. Sorry Pm me if you want some
  8. I am posting 5 codes of Freecharge 50 cashback on 50 :: VCCIE1GEH1WY VCC3AO293C91 VCCZVNE33CSG VCCM3XJ3RQZU VCC9AZ54IAXS If anyone use any of the given codes, please post that " I have used this code " for the convenience of other readers. And anyone still need some codes, pm me. Please read the Terms and conditions too Terms and Conditions :: not valid on Airtel (pre-paid/post-paid/DTH) validity of cashback is 6 months from the time it gets credited into your account valid only once for a number/debit card/credit card/account not valid on "Add Cash" or using "Freecharge Credits"
  9. 30 Rs recharge If interested pm me
  10. I've used it in three of my accounts and numbers. So I don't think it was a one time use code. Maybe it was a limited time code. I got to know about it from one of my friends.
  11. Recharge with ₹250 and apply the code RLT25YGZELMT0C to get ₹250 cashback. I don't know the official source page but I've done it successfully. Give it a try. Note:- I did prepaid recharge of 250 from debit card. Would be great if someone would find out official T&Cs.
  12. All you need to know: http://offers.freecharge.com/gosf/mobile/index.html
  13. If this is Amazon.com gift card then it won't be applicable on amazon.in
  14. It's no more double. You will get a recharge of 70 for 50
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