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    rjks1 reacted to ratnapraneeth in Unlimited Paytm 20 Rs Vouchers Trick   
    I have paytm unlimited 20 rs vouchers trick if anyone need just comment I love ifs n vote up I will send u the trick
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    rjks1 got a reaction from Cricket4all in Freecharge Trick For Amazon Appiness Day Coupon   
    Yes working with credit and got the cash back, thank god i was planning to sell it but didn't at the last moment!
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    rjks1 reacted to raj88 in Rs. 2000 Flipkart Voucher For Rs. 1900 Cash   
    Simple copy paste from my post.
    Dude, at least write the content on your own.
    Price wayyy too high.
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    rjks1 got a reaction from raj88 in Rs. 2000 Flipkart Voucher For Rs. 1900 Cash   
    I have Rs. 2000 FlipKart voucher valid till October 2015
    I want 1900 Rs (payable in bank acc).
    Fixed price.
    Need 1900 cash in bank
    Vouchers : Rs. 1000 + Rs. 1000
    Anybody interested, PM me.
    Here's why you should buy --
    1. You can apply upto 3 GVs in a single order.
    2. You can buy for a total of 2000.
    3. Even If you buy something worth 500 Rs, the balance of Rs. 500 will stay in the voucher Rs. 1000 voucher. You can utilise it later also. 
    4. So, its a win-win as you get an added layer of discount just by paying through GV (which I am selling on discount)
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