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  1. Happy New year Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2015. Be Happy and make other happy.
  2. Experience of the year My Experience in 2015 is in Rainy session. On that day I left Umbrella thinking that, their may not be rain & traveled to the office. Its 6 PM exactly the rain started, and I have to wait in the office. I waited till 7, 8, 9, 10PM but still rain is not stopped. Later I decided that it may not be possible to go to Home today will stay in the Office. Its around 11.30 PM I am getting bored in the office as no one will be their. I thought lets start the pending work. I completed all the pending tasks/ work its 2 PM and felt sleepy so slept on my bench. The next morning I got up at 6 AM and thought of going home. So I mailed all completed work to my Manager and also explained the situation as not went home last night due to rain so going now. Will come back to office bit late at around 3 PM. I went how and become fresh rested for some time & had lunch at 2 PM and come back to office at 2.45PM. When I opened the mail I got surprised that I got the Spot award for completing all the Tasks. This is very surprising for me as I worked due to stuck in with rain. Later I thought that because of not bringing my Umbrella I got this award. Morel of the story is "Jo bhi hota hai Ache Keliya Hotahee" ( What every happens in the Life is for Good purpose only ). Regards, Sameer
  3. Wish To Santa My Wish to Santa to make/Keep this world Peaceful and happiness. So that all the Human beings can get a gifts like Trust, Honesty, Dharma, and Moksha.
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