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    atul12345 got a reaction from chen in Cheater Board   
    Hi guys plz try to understand my points.
    I simply give u some points to prove my innocence. Decision is yours.
    1. I always check codes and give. We dealt for more then 150 codes. HE NEVER CHECKS THE CODES. maybe his friend used the code or maybe he mismanaged the codes and mixed the codes.
    2. I replaced 30 codes gave compensation of 300 rs ie. Compensation of almost 28 codes. Gave him 1 paytm 100 cb codes. (Checked 40 codes that he gave me to check) all were unused.
    3. I asked him is everything settled after this then he Said okay thank u. He restored his phone so he says paytm 100 cb code lost give me one more so I gave one more without questioning.
    ( u think if he missed that 100 paytm cb code then how dint he missed those 40 unused code) think bro think.
    4. I dealt with champ, Rahul008, kunal, deepak, shail garg, ask anyone did I ever cheat them.
    That's all I have to say. I can't explain anymore bro. If u still feel I cheated him then u can surely ban me
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    atul12345 got a reaction from Hixxer in Paytm 50 Off Coupon   
    Flat 50 rs recharge coupon. No need to pay a single penny to use the code.
    U will directly get the recharge.
    Price 27/code
    For more than 5 codes 23/code.
    Once per user and nd account
    Recharge num and account num must be same.
    Whatsapp me at 9711399447 or pm me
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    atul12345 got a reaction from Kunal1994 in Rs.100 Discount On Rs.100 Freecharge Coupon @ Rs.70   
    Check pm
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    atul12345 got a reaction from Cricket4all in Freecharge Rs50 Cashback On 50 Rechage(Exchange)   
    Bhai me to 28 m dera hu. Kisi Ko chahiye to pm me or whatsapp me at 9711399447
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