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  1. open this link and click on the #download logo... http://youwave.com/download/
  2. bhai ek packet me itne sare chocklets tha yaa phir apne multiple oders kiye hai??? btw CONGO
  3. it will be possible if only RAJNIKANT mail them unless no chance bro... even i tried in morning to chat with them they told me " i should remind you also that we had the delivery charges before and we were running free delivery promotion for some last months" . so no hope until RAJNIKANT email them... :-D
  4. its works with all android phones, i just searched in google...
  5. bro then Flipkart going to crash once again... waiting for the news by #AAJTAK CHANNEL.. "GHOR SE DEKHIYE ES PRODUCT KO ES KE WAJHA SE AAJ Flipkart JAISE SITE BHI CRASH HO CHUKI HAI..."
  6. *bro just follow this simple steps*1) keep calm and don't be upset 2) just write a simple mail to paytm care about your query 3) *MAIN* now copy the main part of the mail with ticket number and your courier id and transaction id then *paste it on PAYTM twitter page* 4) now seat quietly and drink a glass water now again open twitter, just read the comments what paytm said about your query... 5) now wait at least 3 or4 hours... you will get your money back... . p.s: just ignore some jokes in middle, hope i helped you
  7. this type of calls really eats our Brain, this month I received two times by saying "sir sir ek choti bachi ka Cancer hai sir. aapki blood ki bahoot jarurat hai sir"... or IPROF wale toh #CA-CPT ka course karo Karo kehke piche hi para huya hai...
  8. don't buy anything from this site, seems this site have some reason to create in one day to scam people... You may recieve calls from unknown site someday like u have won gold coin/note or some large appliance but to claim this gift , u have to deposit 5k amount in their account for processing your gift .... I guess i dnt need to say what happens further...
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