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  1. happy birthday bro which gift u want amazon or fk gv ur wish
  2. i think it is best update graphic driver beracuse it will be useful in other ways also so update graphic driver if update is not available use it from above
  3. here comes another hostel friend
  4. no bro i am not telling u to leave ifs thats ur decission u can do what u want thats ur decission and also creating more than1 account is not allowed in ifs i told rules thats my job rest upto u
  5. i will create 100 accounts and say i have created for my neighbours lets wait for admin reply
  6. its not allowed in ifs and dont tell another stry
  7. let me tell 3 friends from same hostel registered on ifs with same names with 1 number diffrence http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php?/user/88365-sayamj97/ http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php?/user/88320-sayamj98/ http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php?/user/88298-sayamj99/ and they are buying themseleves codes and telling others to buy gud stry all three people registered on 2 aug now tell another story that all have same names
  8. now sayamj100 comes and tells this sayamj99 and sayamj97 are trusted i think u both registered on same day and also same name that praising u do u sell it if he is ur friend
  9. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php?/topic/166388-soulfull-gifthamper/
  10. http://indiafreestuff.in/forum/index.php?/topic/159083-download-niffler-app-to-get-free-coffee-from-ccd/?hl=cappuccino
  11. bro take some 1 u cant get freely but u can enjoy movie
  12. thanks for giveaway after 1 day welcome
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