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  1. Hello Guys..!! I have a One PLus 2 Invite and I want to sell it. If you are interested in purchasing it . Ping me.
  2. Be careful guys.. Coupon not working on many of items. I tried myself 2 times but not worked. Be careful before u make a purchase.
  3. This is not a Free give away or something like that. Just found that the PowerBank which was available for Rs699 at 12:30am is now available for Rs815 at 10PM on the SAME DAY. ie 21 July 2015. Is it fare? Isn't this a trick to raise the price and then give discounts to users? Images Attached.
  4. I want filpkart gift voucher worth Rs1200. please contact me with offer price.
  5. I have new numbers. Around 8-10 numbers. But do u think anyone will give?
  6. done linking.. now coupon? i am unable to pn me.. it is asking to wait for 10 minutes.
  7. Rs1500 in freecharge..?? No one interested here. Btw how would u send the Freecharge Credits as thr r no options to transfer.
  8. I want Paytm cash.. can give u Oxigen Cash. Offer ..PM..??
  9. it is not the biggest loot but I got paid for my loot and I had to Pay virtually Nothing. There was a Paytm offer of Rs50 cashback in paytm wallet if you pay via Paytm on Dominos Site. (no minimum purchase) (Max 4 orders per Paytm account) This offer was valid for 3 days and thn Paytm put a Minimum Order Limit og Rs100. In those 3 days I had ordered 17 Cheese Dips for Rs20 each and got Rs50 cash back in return for every order. i.e Rs50* 17 = 850 back.
  10. Bro I tried asking them. One girl picked up the call and she was like what is Flipkart Affiliate. Please tell me then I will ask my seniors. Hahah that was kind of nightmare . I was hoping that someone here would atleast reply but no.. anyway thanxs for your suggestion.
  11. Hello Friends I am looking for a Flipkart Affiliate who could help me. Note: I don't have to purchase or sell. I am new to Flipkart Affiliate and thus looking fot answers to some questions. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey All Even I was not aware of this ie. difference between Coupons and Vouchers. This POst was not intended to make a fool of anyone. Thanx by the way all of you and yes if anyone here have Rs1500 COUPON.. Please PIng me..
  13. Lenskart Rs1000 Coupon for SALE For Rs.300 Groupon is Selling the Same Coupon for Rs.499 TnC 1. Not Valid on Contact Lenses. 2. Valid above bill for Rs. 2000 3. Validity - Not sure so use it asap. Interested - Whatsapp on +91 8802010888
  14. Hey bro never ever go for a Quantum wireless keyboard and mouse. Better spend 100-200 more but purchase a goof one. I had used Quantum wireless mouse and it was a real pain. If you by chance drop the mouse thn all is history. Thn purchased the DELL wireless keyboard-mouse. I love it.
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