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  1. bhai upar mein na urdu mein bola !! He had passed Away... Fir bhi leka ja rahe hoo.. ! "pm me "
  2. i said " He passed away .. after adding IFS post !! " RIP ""
  3. wooo .. bhai chal bas.. ab humare bech nahi hai !!! lol (not replying )
  4. Happy Friendship Day !! P.s it's too late but love ur IFS Userzz
  5. What you need for this— just mobile no ( which not registered ) !! Hope everyone have 9-10 in a family. Now sign up with referal, you didn’t got the mail through referral ?? Don't panic ask Anyone he will invite you.. and Don’t worry He will NOT get anything to refer you icon_toungueout.gif Now Some of the IFS USER know that payumoney is giving points for refral, but no one noticed that you can enjoy movies till 1 Jan 2016 for free from this. Just sign up and thats all, coupon is also same ‘FRIENDSHIP100’ and and and so.. i don’t think anyone would not like to get 30% cashback + movies for free* or you can use it with 50 off bms winpin deal too So process like :Note down your PayUmoney referral link from main account — CreAte new PayUmoney account [ Mobile verification compulsory ] — Purchase any ticket using coupon “FRIENDSHIP100” and get Rs.100 discount on total bill value (NO MINIMUM PURCHASE ) p.s : referral link , i havn't post here , because it's against referral iFS rule ! if any one want pm me ! & Don’t worry I will NOT get anything to refer you proof : http://imgur.com/xhgHMPM
  6. https://www.google.co.in/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=who%20is%20pappu%20in%20india go through link or or type in google search " who is pappu in india ""
  7. you h i want Amazon 200 @100 rs ! gift voucher !
  8. I am trading with paytm cash / mobiwik / etc Exchange with 1000 rs Amazon Gift card ? please Pm me your offer .
  9. thank you bro !!!! #JaiHooo ! An Inspirational Man who served the mankind with Full Honesty is No More . World has lost a Noble Soul . RIP ‪#‎APJKalam‬ Sir .
  10. Offer : Jaipur(works only on latest Zopper app). 1. Sign Up at Zopper using any referral code. 2. Wallet amount of 555 will be added automatically to your wallet. 3. Search for Samsung Guru Music 2. 4. It will be around 1200/-(in Jaipur it is available at 1150 at The Mobile Shop, Sodala). 5. Add to cart and proceed for check out. 6. Amount of 555/- will be deducted from total value. 7. Final Price will be around 600/-
  11. Pm me for instant zopper code ! And various offer for people who is not living in zoffer city !
  12. “Everything is fine so far (as product is still not used by me), but failed to understand why price shown on the website Rs. 27k odd, when actual MRP is Rs. 17999/-? why Amazon / Seller is misguiding customers?? as you have mention 27k product is sold to us in Rs. 17499/- – so benefit to customer is of 10500/- which is actualy Rs. 500/-.. So is Amazon is going to refund remaining 10000 to me?” i had paid money for Actual Z1 ( Discount price of 17500 of MRP 27990 ) not for this New Version Z1 ( Worst product – 17990 ) You need to take note of it !! Amazon had cheated you with Fake Discount . I request to all buyer for concession because this product of 17990 is going availble online around 14-15 k !
  13. which section , please moved to it ! i just want created awareness about fraud by amazon to IFS User because Xperia Z1 @17499 was FPD
  14. People who purchase Xperia Z1 need to contact me as soon as soon possible ! Fraud is done by Amazon to my friend and they are ready to accept !! if you are victim , you need to contact me !!
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