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  1. PM me with price buying oneplus two invite
  2. Avoid buying now it's like everyone is getting an invite pm for 500
  3. I think now it should be easily available as now most of the people are getting invite
  4. I think now they are not sending invites Do let me know if anyone has it.
  5. Pm kyu nahi karte??? Always ready to buy an invite!!
  6. Pm me I will buy all. There is a problem so need many. Plzzzzz pm me. I cannot pm everyone one. I have to wait 10 min for each pm.
  7. I am ready to pay more but I don't want to deal with some 16 year child.who has no knowledge what times means for other and also how to deal.i don't know why children think they are something(attitude) with nothing saw in there life.dude life just started that 300-400rs will never matter what matters is the image you make of your.god bless you friend hope you are reading this.
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