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  1. Holi !! It was the most excited festival in my childhood ! Me and my friends started its(dhulenti's) preparation a day before. We prepared water balloons and colors ! We lives in Flats so it was like a "war" between blocks ! Children from one block play with another children of block ! We started to play holi at early morning about 8 O'clock ! We play holi till afternoon and after lunch parent's holi will start ! A group of our parents went to neighbour's home to celebrate holi with different colors ! It was great pleasure to see all this ! But as i grown up . . . . i just stop to celebrate holi in that way since 5 years ! Today i saw many children in my flat who celebrate holi still this way ! Though, today I and my friends still remember that moments and they still alive in our heart and mind ! The innocence of childhood makes this festival so much joyful ! I still miss that days
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