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  1. •Had a really great “Night Out” last night, According to my police report. •I will win, Not immediately But Definitely.’ •If you’re talking behind my back, you’re in a good position to kiss my ass! •Dear Math, please grow up and solve your own problems, I’m tired of solving them for you. •The road to success is always under construction. •Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. •Born to express not to impress. •Silent people have the loudest minds. •Sometimes it’s easier to pretend you don’t care, than to admit it’s killing you. •You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to surf. •I stopped fighting with my inner demons. We are on the same side Now. •If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’. •Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. •The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said. •Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. •Be a good person, But don’t try to prove. •Mistakes are proof that you are trying. •Some people are alive only, Because it’s illegal to kill them. •I am not failed……My success is just postponed. •If you like me Then raise your hand, If not then raise your standard. •When i was born..Devil said..”Oh ***..!! Competition”. •I work for money, For loyalty Hire a Dog. •I am always right, Once i thought that I am wrong, But i was wrong. •hate when people look at my phone while I’m typing. It’s not that I have something to hide… It’s just none of their damn business :/ •I am not drunk, I am just chemically off-balanced. •Oh, So you wanna argue, Bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON. •I am so poor that i can’t pay attention in class. •Warning…I know KARATE…….And few other oriental words.
  2. For the past years, I used more web hosting services. But their service is not satisified for me. So, I changed my web hosting company. My current provider service is really good. They provide an amazing offers to the customers. I am very happy to share this information with you. 100% FREE WEB HOSTING FOR ONE YEAR • 1 GB Web Space. • 100 GB Bandwidth. • 5 Email accounts. • 5 FTP accounts. • 5 MySQL accounts. • Daily auto backups. I can not share the link in this place. If anybody want a free web hosting service, please send pm for me. I will send further details to you.
  3. For more than two years, you’ve been following news about Edward Snowden on Twitter. As of this morning, you can follow the man himself. However you probably won’t get a follow back. Right now he’s only following one account — the NSA. The former government contractor posted his first Tweet this morning: Edward Snowden ✔ ‎@Snowden Can you hear me now? 9:30 PM – 29 Sep 2015 29,918 29,918 Retweets 22,444 22,444 favorites The Tweet comes as Snowden increasingly tries to raise awareness of surveillance issues from Russia, where he has sought asylum in the wake of leaking classified documents to the press that revealed the scope of the American intelligence apparatus. Although he frequently participates in conferences or interviews with the media, joining Twitter will allow Snowden to have a more immediate and influential role in discourse about government surveillance. As Snowden’s verified Twitter bio says, “I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director @FreedomOfThePress.” According to a report in The Intercept, Snowden is running the account himself. In a recent interview with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Snowden talked about the possibility of joining Twitter.
  4. Apple has finally launched the much-awaiting iOS 9 after the typical multi-month beta period that began this past summer at WWDC 2015. Apple has released iOS 9 to the general populace on September 16 i.e., on Wednesday. iOS 9 can be upgraded who are running iOS 8 on their Apple devices. As soon as the company released iOS 9, millions of people have already updated from iOS 8 to iOS 9. Still there are some stragglers who had a bad experience with the previous handset iOS 8. In everyone’s mind, there is a query that whether it is worthy to upgrade it to iOS 9. Here is a video that clarifies your doubt by comparing the performance and speed of iOS 9 with iOS 8.4.1 along with other iOS devices from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Take a look at the smart comparison! Comparison – iOS 8.4.1 Vs iOS 9 Here is the comparison between the previous phone iOS 8.4.1 and the currently released handset iOS 9. To make this comparison as appealing as possible, EverythingApplePro has assembled and tested a pair of each supported iPhone ranging from the iPhone 4s to iPhone 6. A 9-minute video below shows the comparison in terms of performance and speed. The comparison also reflects storage, boot time, network speed, the launch time for any app and the benchmark test from Geekbench. Let’s take a look how the comparison goes on and is it necessary to upgrade iOS 8.4.1 to iOS 9. What kind of aspects are better on what type or model of iPhone? A mere 9-minute long video gives a complete overview of the latest iOS 9 handset’s potential to make their devices run slower or faster. However, it is true that the speed of the handset will definitely depend on the model of iPhone that an individual might own. For example, let us take an earlier device, iPhone 4s. When we compare speed of iPhone 4s with the newer generation iPhones, comparatively it will be lesser in speed than the present iPhone models. iOS 9 is the latest phone released by the Apple company and it comes with a bunch of new features along with the hood improvements. But, all these new features are not quite impressive and alluring as we thought it would be. Speed Test Some of the tests conducted on both the iPhones show that iOS 8.4.1 is much faster than iOS 9. This got confirmed when speed test has been done on both iOS 9 and iOS 8.4.1. This shows it is a complete overhaul of Apple’s operating system. Performance Test In the Geekbench performance conducted on iOS 8.4.1 and iOS 9 and all other iPhone models, it was clearly shown that the latter models scored more than the prior iPhone models. But, there is no much difference among the various models. We have already mentioned that updating of OS totally depends on the type or model of iPhone an individual owns. So, now you might have a doubt whether it is worth upgrading to iOs 9. It depends on your current using iPhone model. Suppose, you are currently using an iPhone 5s or later models, then you can go ahead with them. For those who have iPhone 5 or lower, they should reconsider their plans to upgrade. Apple is already working on iOS 9.1 which is highly anticipated to bring a lot of performance enhancements and bug fixes that are missed in iOS 9. So, let us hope this will finally enhance the iOS 9 experience on all iPhone devices, both older and newer. The beta build for iOS 9.1 have already been made available to developers for this version which means that we can probably expect the release of iOS 9.1 in the month of October or November this year. Finally, we would advise all the users of low-end iPhones to wait for the final build of iOS 9 to experience better performance and speed. Hope this guide helps you in the best way to know about the currently released iOS 9 and prior iPhone models. You can now decide whether to upgrade your device to iOS 9 based on the type of model you are currently using. It is advisable to wait till the final build of iOS 9.1. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=5&v=wOEir...yw
  5. In the age of social media, companies turn to employees as brand ambassadors. These are the people that add credibility to any company in terms of expertise and thought leadership. It’s because of this that LinkedIn launched its Elevate service earlier this year, and five months later it’s now available to large enterprises (those with more than 2,000 employees). Not only will more people have access to this service, but also better analytics. Previously available to beta testers, LinkedIn now lets all Elevate users track their audience demographics in order to better understand who’s engaging with their content. LinkedIn Elevate’s product manager Will Sun tells VentureBeat that LinkedIn has always known that people love to share information with their network and “companies want to illustrate what they stand for” and what employees do helps with their business objectives. “Employees embody the same narrative, which transforms the companies they work for,” Sun says. “That’s why Elevate shows employees how sharing is helping strengthen their professional brand…if employees don’t see how they benefit from sharing content, their engagement will wane.” Sun says that when a LinkedIn user shares six pieces of content, on average they’ll receive six profile views and make two new connections, something that he believes proves the worth of promoting employee advocacy. Another statistic that was shared is that only 2 percent of employees are sharing content that a company has posted on LinkedIn, however they’re responsible for 20 percent of the overall engagement the content receives. Until now, Elevate hadn’t been available to large enterprise companies, but it definitely seems to be a good fit. Sun says that firms of this size are clamoring for this capability and are looking to share their content with employees. In doing so, the expectations are that these company advocates will go out and help spread the word about the things they’re doing and not only show how amazing the firm is, but also demonstrate they’re on top of industry news, events, and issues. The audience demographics tracks things such as audience reach by industry, profession, and companies, along with looking at who are the top sharers of someone’s content, the main broadcasters, and more. It’s more than who’s clicking through, liking, and commenting — rather it’s about gaining insights into who is actually being influenced. Is your vice president of engineering’s social activity really reaching her counterparts or higher-ups, or is it just resonating better with the team members? It will depend on your intentions, but you might not know it until you look at Elevate’s analytics. As part of better understanding your audience, notifications have been upgraded. Elevate users will now be notified when certain shares are performing really well. Sun says that the intent is to highlight engagement by people that matter to you and these pings are designed to let you know when that happens and help you build your personal brand. LinkedIn Elevate was introduced in April and until today, only let people share content on not only its own network but also on Twitter. The company has finally added integration support for Facebook so now all three major social networks can be accessed
  6. There are numerous reasons for having a wireless security camera in your office or home which can easily track the moments that what basically is happening in and around. Few days back, a wireless camera caught our glimpse over it and it was none other than the “SpotCam” which is an innovation wireless camera for home monitoring and even recommend people in using the same. Security remains one of the biggest issues in this uncertain world because you never know what happens the next when you come back home from office. People always want to remain alert about the happenings in and around the area of their home and office that actually is safe or not. Further reasons might be that you want to keep a check on your mate while assisting your kids or for any personal reasons. For every reason, if you need to keep a check on your office or home you need to have a Wireless Security Camera which can help you with the same but for monitoring the entire camera at once you have to sit at one place. Well, don’t you think the same because now “SpotCam HD” can help you in monitoring the camera directly from your home or office easily via your smartphones. In this article, we specifically listed the amazing features of “SpotCam HD” which made it to the topmost choice of the customers 1) Easy Setup SpotCam HD is a wireless camera for home monitoring is really easy to setup similar to a Wi-Fi router. You just have to plug in the power cord into the SpotCam and it will be easily connected via Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, you need to create an account by navigating to myspotcam.com. You just don’t need to go through any of the critical processes. check out this setup video for more. 2) Night Vision Mode with HD Quality There are very few cameras which features night vision mode but doesn’t really work well in low lights. But, SpotCam is quite an amazing wireless camera featuring night vision mode with 12 IR led light. We all are living in a world of security cameras and having the one with night vision mode is truly a real standard Wireless cameras are great when they are compatible for capturing pictures and videos in 110 degree mode. And here SpotCam is the perfect choice 3) Alert in Real Time Having no alerts in real time is just a fail. SpotCam is one of those innovative security cameras which provide the users with alerts in real time along with motion detectors. You can even connect it with your PC or smartphone for getting alerts, only if they are turned on. Alerts in real time helps in catching thieves red-handed as well as to save our important assets and we can even call the cops in right time. 4) Social Networking SpotCam features a cloud storage which allows you in sharing those clicked pictures with your friends and other people via social networking sites. You just need to give those clicked pictures a single click to share the same on social media. 5) Talking Camera SpotCam allow people to have a private conversation in order to alert others to stay away from the important assets. It even helps others in listening to what actually you want them to do via speaker and speak up in the microphone which is in-built
  7. Owning a car is a fact of life for almost everyone in the United States. Unless you live in a big city with good public transportation, your life would be unmanageable without a car to ensure that you can get to work and take care of your day to day needs. Unfortunately, cars come with their own set of unique and sometimes costly expenses. In addition to the price of fuel, your car needs maintenance and regular car to ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle purchase. Then there are the monthly payments if you took out a loan to purchase your car, and the insurance policies that must be maintained. If you’d like to stretch your car expense dollar, consider some of these tips that might not only save you money, but may have just a little bit extra in your pocket at the end of the month New Versus Used Cars New cars are attractive in that they are safe, reliable, and come with various types of warranty or regular maintenance service. New cars are designed to be as fuel efficient as possible which saves you money at the pump, as well. However, people typically need to take out a loan to purchase a new car, and that comes with interest and the requirement of full coverage insurance, both of which can be expensive. Over the last ten years cars have been designed well and with regular maintenance they can rack up a few hundred thousand miles before they’re deemed unusable. Buying a used car that has been checked out by a mechanic can be a wise choice, but if repairs are needed the cost comes straight out your pocket. Refinancing Your Car Loan If you’ve elected to buy a new car and have taken out a loan to do so, it’s wise to keep an eye on the terms of your loan and refinance whenever possible. The interest paid on your car loan can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, so shaving some of those expenses off is always a good idea If you took out the loan through your personal bank make an appointment with their loan specialist to determine if and when refinancing is a possibility. A successful refinance at a competitive interest rate could save you $100 or more per month Gas Credit Cards The company specific gas credit cards are generally a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that you can use a credit card that saves you money on fuel. Most of the major credit companies offer some sort of rewards program that earns you cash at the pump. Undoubtedly the best of these cards is the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express. This card gives you 3 percent cash back on fuel pumped anywhere in the United States, at any time. You’ll also receive $150 as a statement credit if you spend $1,000 on the card in the first three months. Hybrid Vehicles Many people are on the fence when it comes to hybrid vehicles and their ability to save money on fuel. The fact is that a hybrid vehicle does use less fuel than a standard gasoline vehicle, but that savings doesn’t add up very quickly. Generally speaking, hybrid vehicles cost about $3,000 more than their gas counterparts, and you’ll usually need to drive that hybrid for a minimum of 5 years to justify the fuel savings with the increased price. That being said, the various makes and models of hybrids have different fuel to price savings ratios, so if you’re really interested in owning a hybrid it’s best to shop around Regular Maintenance In order to extend the life of your car and save money down the road, regular maintenance is key. If your car is under warranty stick with the maintenance schedule the manufacturer suggests. If you’re driving an older model, find a trustworthy mechanic and listen to what he or she says. If you don’t take care of your car it won’t take care of you. Let’s face it, cars are expensive, but there are several ways that you can save money on the expenses required to own one. Decide if new or used is right for you, look into refinancing your loan, get a gas rewards credit card, maintain your car, and consider a hybrid. The results might mean a lot more money in your pocket.
  8. BlackBerry Passport, being launched in September 2014, wasn’t exactly looking like a phone. It was more of a wide-sized, square-shaped Phablet with a QWERTY keypad fitted in the phone’s body. Even though it’s wide, it doesn’t weigh as much as it looks, it’s just 196 grams. The Dimensions of the phone is 28 mm x 90.3 mm x 9.3 mm Display The phone has a display of 4.5 inch IPS LCD Touch Screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection, which would protect the screen in your pockets among the keys, coins. The Display is of 453 ppi, i.e. pixels per inch. The keyboard, in-addition with the 4.5 inch screen, feels big in your hand, but you can still use it single handedly. It’s more like a touch or type device, which used to be a trend a couple of years back. Underneath the phone BlackBerry Passport sports BlackBerry 10 Operating System, which is powered by the monstrous 2.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core processor with Andreno 330 GPU. The phone would be capable of running almost all apps and games. Playing games in this phone with a keypad won’t look good. This phone is purely intended for Business and Official purposes. And one more thing, you wouldn’t need AutoCorrect option since you can use the physical keyboard to correct the mistakes quickly. Hardware The hardware is just splendid; the rear part of the phone looks fantastic. It’s just plastic, but it’s soft and having the BlackBerry logo embedded in it, making the device looks pure class. The keyboard is made of three rows and is capacitive touch, it’s quite like a trackpad. You can use it to scroll up, down, left, right. Instead of scrolling with the touch, you can scroll emails, webpages, contacts quickly with this keypad. Battery BlackBerry Passport has a humongous 3450mAh battery which would power your phone all day. The battery is non-removable, which isn’t a big deal these days, since most of the flagships have a non-removable one. Storage It’s built with 3 gigs of RAM. Coming to the storage options, BlackBerry Passport has a 32GB inbuilt storage. The usable memory would be around 27GB, which itself is more than enough. If you still want to have a mini harddisk in your phone, you can expand the storage upto 128GB by the usage of a Memory card. Connectivity The connectivity options, it has a Nano SIM slot, supports both 3G and 4G, and other mainstream features such as GPS, Bluetooth v4.0, A-GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Near Field Communication, FM Radio, 3.5mm headset jack and micro USB v2.0. Camera BlackBerry Passport has a camera with a 13 Mega Pixel resolution in the rear side, and has features such as Auto Focus, Optimal Image Stabilization and LED Flash light. The lens is a 5-element and has an Apeture of f/2.0 lens. It’s capable of recording 1080p video at 60 frames per second. The front facing camera is a 2 Mega Pixel one, with Image and Video stabilization and offering 3x Optical zoom. It’d be quite good for taking quick selfies. Pricing and Availability The phone is priced around 39,990 INR and it’s quite available in most eCommerce sites. The phone is available in these colors: Black, White, Red, Black&Gold combination. Not all colors are available to buy now, I suppose only Black is available for sale. There are lots of phones in this price range, only if you’re a BlackBerry fanboy or you need a BlackBerry phone because of official purposes, this is a good deal. Alternatives There aren’t much alternatives for this type of phones because the market isn’t filled with any phones with both touch and keyboard options. Well, you can opt for below ones: • You could go for Apple iPhone 6 Plus if you feel that this phone isn’t worth the money you spend, and if you love iOS. • You could go for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge, if you prefer working on a large screen with a stylus options.
  9. What would be your reaction, if I would say, that now it is possible to copy, erase, edit or translate the texts within images using Google Chrome? Amazed to hear that? Well, yes, now you can easily do it without any much hassles. All you need is to have a Google Chrome extension, Project Naptha which is developed by Kevin Kwok. The technologies which is being used within this plugin helps in building a model of the words, letters and text regions from the images If you are one of those users who always enjoy manipulating the texts within the pictures, then it is important to download the texts as well as use the same with image editing applications, for instance, InkScape, Adobe Photoshop and many more. This method is quite painful for the average PC users, but now we have a Google Chrome plugin which helps the users in copying, erasing, editing or translating the texts within the pictures easily. This Google Chrome plugin is, Project Naptha, from which users can easily select the texts available on the picture and manipulate the same. After the installation of the Google Chrome plugin, users just need to select the text which they need to manipulate and right click on the same in order to open all the menu options, including open in new tab, translation, copy text and advanced options. This feature of the Google Chrome plugin is similar to Adobe Photoshop’s feature ‘Content Aware’. For erasing the text from pictures, users need to select the text and right click on the same in order to open the context menu, followed by translating main menu, for selecting erase text option. This plugin significantly helps in capturing the colours from the text’s areas for filling the gaps of the deleted letters. This extension uses multiple technologies, including Google libraries, Microsoft and OCR for identifying the characters of different alphabets on all the analysed images. The major problem of this Google Chrome extension is that it is not capable of identifying all the texts of the images as well as is even selectable at many a times. Also, it doesn’t support the texts which are vertically arranged. This plugin will be receiving the updates shortly for fixing all its flaws, not within the Google Chrome extension, but even with the Mozila Firefox version. Lastly, this is one of the best plugin available in the store which even allow the users to copy, erase, edit or translate the texts on the images which are stored on PC locally too. Users just need to drag the particular image to the browser and make the required changes. Nonetheless, it is a very handy as well as an awesome plugin for all the users who love to manipulate texts within images.
  10. What does your teen post online? What do they share? Who do they talk to? What applications they use? Are they addicted to their cell phones? If you know the answer to all these questions, then great, but if you don’t; you most definitely want to know! Have you ever thought to yourself; ‘is my teen safe online?’ The seemingly harmless device in their hands is a gateway to another world: the cyber world – the fascinating world of communication which is home of online predators, cyber bullying, inappropriate content and sexting. How sure are you that your teen is safe from all of these? Not much probably. If you’re thinking about taking their phones away or checking them behind their backs. Stop now! Sit back in your chair, relax and read below as a new world of parenting is about to be unfolded. The world of iPhone parental controls! Your parents might tell you to raise our teens the same way they raised you. But deep down you know that those old-school ways are a waste on your teens. You can’t take their phone away, they (in most cases) won’t give you their passwords, and don’t even consider spying on them. Why? Becauseif they catch you doing this or find out about it any other way; they will feel hurt and mistrusted. Not to mention an invasion of privacy. One wrong move and suddenly you’re the bad guy!
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