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  1. Got a mail from here ? http://goo.gl/cacWWU
  2. Ordered in myntra recently and got the order within 2 days. Excellent shipping and packaging. Product quality was gud too. Myntra is best.
  3. Order your free pins! Use these Excellent Service pins to recognize and reward the people who make travel experiences better for all of us.Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery. Available while supplies last. Note : while selecting state click 'Non US' . http://tripadvisorpins.com/
  4. Request a Sample Please provide your shipping address and email below. We’ll send you a sample to try Toothbrush Shields for yourself. http://toothbrushshield.com/sample-request.html
  5. PROMISE CARDS HELP YOU REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR WORD. Link : http://becauseisaidiwould.com/requestcards/ Fill out the form below and receive 10 promise cards by mail. No cost. We have shipped promise cards to 82 different countries .
  6. Comeon bro don't copy paste my post . :@
  7. Just register and get Rs 500 ! Go to this link and register to get : https://ub er.com/ Now go in promotions apply code get Rs 1000 more ride free (500*2) So get Rs 1500 ride in luxury car !
  8. Posted d link so dat other membrs cud get free 100 credits.
  9. Listia is an auction site where you bid on other people's stuff with virtual credits instead of real money. They make it easy for users to get rid of stuff they don't need anymore and find stuff they want for free. Listia is a marketplace where people enjoy giving and getting items for free. Sign up through the link below and receive 500 points for signing up plus 100 bonus points for using this link. You can also go to "Get Credits" at the top of the page once you are logged in and do the following to earn even more free credits: - Connect with Facebook for 50 credits - Connect with Twitter for 50 credits - List your first auction for 500 credits - Complete special offers, take surveys, refer your friends, and list more auctions for more free credits -Complete profile info. for 100 credits Credits also can be used for shipping. Update: This is a Worldwide offer. You'll need to look for items listed by people in your country. There is also a Rewards Store located at the top of the page if you'd prefer to save your credits and pick an item from there rather than trying to win an item. FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY....HURRY! CLICK HERE
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