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  1. What a marketing strategy ?
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    Congo all looters
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    Need help paytm

    If you are trying to login from app, check if it is updated. You can also try logging in from desktop website. If problem still persist, maybe paytm has suspended your account. Contact them to regain access to your account. You can contact them via their 24*7 helpline 0120-3888 3888.
  4. I loved the new theme of the forum. It seems nice in PC but in mobile it is looking a bit awkward due to IFS logo position. I mean to say that the links to Playstore, deals and coupons must be below IFS logo. Please recalibrate the IFS logo for mobile website.
  5. Hello Everyone, We all know about the widespread ransomeware WannaCry or WannaCrypt or, which has been propagated even in top priority service sectors and hampered more than 5 lakh systems throught the world. In this thread I will be discussing how to prevent this malware from your systems. Let us firstly know about Ransomwares. Ransomware are that class of malicious programs which once executed cause encryption of all data of affected system, due to which user can't access the data. For decryption attacker demands some ransome, after paying ransom amount to the attacker the user's data might be decrypted (I think there may be a possibility that attacker may not decrypt the data even after receiving money from the victim). How to safeguard your PC There are several options to safeguard your PC from WannaCry infection which are:- First>>WannaCry is based on vulnerability in implementations of Server Message Block (SMB) in Windows systems. Due to which the infection is spreading. For this WINDOWS has released a security update which you can download from here>>https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS17-010 Second>>As this ransome is bases on SMB vulnerability you can disable SMB service from "Windows Features". You can Go there by Control Panel> “Turn Windows features on or off." uncheck SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support and Click OK. Third>>Use Linux based OS. Now some tips to ensure that your data may not lose: 1>>Never download anything from internet which seems malicious. 2>>Never respond or download attachments from an unknown e-mail. 3>>Take backups of your data time to time. You may use an external hard drive or you can use cloud based service such as onedrive, dropbox, google drive etc. What to do if the PC is infected by WannaCry If your PC has been affected by this ransomware. You will see following window As you can see that they demand $300 for decryption as bitcoins because bitcoin is a virtual currency and they cannot be tracked. Also if a user does not pay amount in 3 days the ransom increases to $600 and after 7 days data might be deleted forever. It is not necessary that if you pay the ransom your device will be decrypted. So, I suggest not to waste a single penny of your hard earned money to feed these criminals. As of now there is no solution to decrypt your data in an another way though security companies are working on it. I will let you know when any solution is discovered. Hope This Helps. If you still have any questions or queries comment below.
  6. I loved the revamped, I liked that SSL encryption has been integrated which provides more secured connection. It would be better if it has night mode which may reduce eye strain.
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    [Over] Congratulation And Wishes

    Congrats Bro for doing half century of SD ?
  8. Yes I thought to do so but before I can update the link it was already on FP
  9. When I posted there was no link available
  10. @Admin Please check>> I've posted this before your FP>>http://indiafreestuff.in/panasonic-eluga-ray-x-32-gb-3-gb-ram-rs-499-exchange-rs-8999-flipkart/
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    Want to buy a Memory Card

    Hey! Check-out SanDisk Ultra 16GB microSDHC class 10 48MB/s on Snapdeal at http://m.snapdeal.com/product/SanDisk+Ultra+16GB+microSDHC+class+10+48MB%2Fs/141699 It is the best available choice and available cheapest on snapdeal. So go for it Edited Working Link https://www.snapdeal.com/product/sandisk-mobile-ultra-16-gb/141699
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    #BoyCott Snapchat

    Yes, this is not acceptable