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Mega Offer Rs.200 Off Guareented On Any Purchase From Myntra

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Source: http://colgatetotal.promoredemption.com/Home.aspx


  • Visit Here to to Receive your Myntra Voucher Code
  • purchase Colgate Total
  • Get coupon Code Inside the pack
  • Scratch & Reveal your code
  • Register online or SMS the Coupon Code to 09246591931



Q 1. What is the Myntra offer on Colgate Total?

A) You are entitled to one Colgate Total Myntra Coupon on purchase of one pack of Colgate Total Advanced Health (140gm) or Colgate Total Pro-gum Health (140gm). This is a free Myntra Voucher/Gift Card worth Rs.200 which you need to redeem on www.myntra.com


Q2. How will I receive the Myntra Coupon?
A) You will receive the Myntra coupon with Unique Code inside the toothpaste box/carton which is good to avail one Myntra Voucher code/Myntra Gift Card code and Pin No., worth Rs.200 off, on successful Registration of the Unique Code.

Q3. How do I register my Myntra Coupon?

A) To register your Myntra coupon, kindly visit www.rewardport.in/colgatetotal  and enter your Unique Coupon code, Mobile Number and Email ID to successfully complete your registration. On successful completion of registration, you will receive a Myntra Voucher Code/Myntra Gift Card code and Pin No.

Q4. What is Myntra Voucher Code/Myntra Gift Card code and Pin No.?

A) Myntra Voucher Code/Myntra Gift Card code and Pin No. are the codes which you will have to enter and apply in ‘Gift Card’ section on the payment page ofwww.myntra.com to avail Rs.200 off.


Q5. Can I enter Unique Code directly on the Myntra website?

A) No. You need to Register on www.rewardport.in/colgatetotal  post which you will receive your Myntra Voucher Code/Myntra Gift Card code which must be used onwww.myntra.com to avail the offer.


Q6. How do I redeem Myntra Voucher Code/ Myntra Gift Card code?
A) You need to visit www.myntra.com to redeem this voucher. On this website, please select a product of your choice, Place Order and Continue to Payment. On Choose Payment Mode, click on ‘Gift Card’ and enter Myntra Voucher Code/Myntra Gift Card code and Pin No. and click on ‘Apply’.

On successful application, you will instantly avail a cash discount of Rs.200 on MRP of the product.

Q7. Can I avail of any other existing offer on Myntra website?

A) Yes. To avail any other existing offer of Myntra website, select the product and before proceeding to payment on the checkout page, enter the offer code in the ‘Apply Coupon’ box.

Q8. Is there any minimum purchase value to avail this offer?

A) No. There is no minimum purchase value and you can redeem this offer against purchase of any product available on Myntra.


Q9. Can I split the Myntra Voucher/Gift Card and use it in more than one transaction?

A)  This voucher cannot be split for two different transactions and will be valid for single use only.


Q10. Can I club 2 or more Colgate Total Myntra vouchers in 1 order.

A) No- You can redeem only 1 Colgate Total Myntra voucher in 1 order.


Q11. Will there be any shipping charges for the products ordered?

A) Shipping charges, if any, will be informed to you at the check out on Myntra website.


Q12. When is the last day for Registration?
A) The last day for Registration is 30th June, 2015.

Q13. Can the Registration be done offline?
A) Yes. Registration can also be done through SMS. You need to message NXT COL <VOUCHERNO> <EmailID> on 9246591931 to receive your Myntra Voucher code/Gift Card code and Pin No.

Q14. What if I lose my Myntra Unique Coupon code?
A) To avail this offer, you need to Register and receive Myntra Voucher code/Gift Card code. Without the necessary codes, you will not be able to redeem this offer.

Q15. Do I need to pay anything on Myntra?
A) If your cart value exceeds Rs.200 then you will be required to pay for the balance amount.

Q16. Whom should I contact for any redemption related queries?
A) You can call on Rewardport Helpdesk Number- 022-40270033/40270094 from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.

Q17. Whom should I contact for any product related queries?

A) You can call Colgate-Palmolive Consumer Affairs Officer on 1800-225599 or E-mail at [email protected]


For Help Desk

Help Desk

For redemption related queries, please contact Rewardport helpdesk on the below number:
022- 4027-0000 (Mon – Fri : 11:00am to 5:00pm)

For product related queries, please contact Colgate Palmolive Consumer Affairs Officer on the below number:

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