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[Results Declared] Ifs Presents -- Make Yourself Think For 3

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IFS Presents -- Make Yourself Think For 3 !!!

Hi guys let's try something different.[Only for forum members]

This time will try puzzels/logical questions and the person who answers first wins first.

So no benefit of internet, nothing search works.

1. Rs300 Mobile Recharge ( For Question no.1)
2. Rs200 Mobile Recharge ( For Question no.2)
3. Rs100 Mobile Recharge ( For Question no.3)

3 Questions will be posted at once within a time limit of 10 mins to answer them,after that topic will be locked,Date of the contest will be 17th June anytime between 10AM - 1PM.

* Now if none of the member able to answer correct to any one question of the 3, so no prize for that question and one consolation prize (Rs.10 mobile recharge) for 50 active participating members.Also only one entry per member, more than one answer to any question will not be entertained and one member can claim only one prize.
For example - if none of the members able to answer question no. 3 , so prize for it dissolves and one consolation prize (Rs.10 mobile recharge) for 50 active participating members.

All Rights of contest will be in the hands of ADMIN & IFS TEAM and Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged.

All the very best to all IFS readers





Q1.Amit first goes in south direction,then he turns towards left and travel for some distance.After that he turns right and moves certain distance. Atlast he turns left and travel again for some distance. Now in which direction is he moving?

Q2. Pointing to a man in a photograph,a woman said,'His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather.' How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?
Q3. Direction to solve the question- Find the missing charcter from among the given alternatives. 
1- East
2- Sister
3- 2880
Results are ready,  
Answer 1- Winner - Bhusasingh009
Answer 2- Winner- Animesh
Answer 3- Winner- Surya1079
It's a party time, so Rs10 recharge for 50 Active participating members. :)
  1. Mrdealer
  2. Sanchkmr
  3. ChAmp
  4. Shankyindia
  5. CoolMan
  6. rupeshchy23
  7. amit-bhatt
  8. AKSHAT25
  9. DEEPAK410
  10. bullusweta
  11. rohitsinha
  12. g8manish
  13. ankittaneja
  14. madanzes
  15. ankitjn
  16. songoku
  17. Vigesh
  18. sunshines
  19. jeet27
  20. aayush532
  21. venkatram
  22. IronMan
  23. evilansh
  24. xervier
  25. vtna
  26. sanju1727
  27. Udaya Kumar
  28. bharatkumar541
  29. rs121066
  30. commisionkhor
  31. mayankabcd
  32. jonty009
  33. fahabib
  34. mkarwasra
  35. manu1144
  36. amitbcet
  37. roll
  38. richagudla9_50c1
  39. Deepss Singh
  40. catch2some
  41. koushiksinha123
  42. Pratapsingh
  43. PRIYANKA12493
  44. ratnapraneeth
  45. rampriya143
  46. Shekheee
  47. sonusingh0
  48. smilesaakshi1
  49. harnishkothari
  50. bj9sepbpt

Rs.10 recharge winners are sent the codes by PM please check, and rest the 3 winners will be contacted by Admin (Don't PM him, he will contact you).



Stay tuned for more such offers. :) 

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Result announced

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