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Cheating In The Name Of Carding Be Careful Ifs Users

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Does anyone know about  carding  before two months i was so much active on fb and after some time i had seen so many people know carding i thought lets try this but it is illegal to do and i have added some carders and joined in carders group and and seen so many posting we will get u products at cheap price and etc.. after 2 or 3 days after contacting so many i have  got 1 fellow who said u have to pay only 550 advance and after delvering the product u can pay remaining amount so i have think some time and said ok he said transfer money to his number is 8923894108 his name is puneet thakur

his fb id is https://www.facebook.com/puneetthak.puneet

and here is his photo


dont trust people like this any help will be appreciated

they cheat us dont reply so be away from this kind of frauds and

and my other fb friend given money to him and lost his money

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Thanxxx for sharing bro... But when it comes to fraud, I would never pay a single penny to an individual selling goods @ cheap as low as 1k for an iPhone (Just Example) or so on ...

It seems like those fake Coke nd Pepsi Contests faking with Billions of Dollars Scam Wins... :(

bTw Ty again nd so as nvr indulge in such scams ever Frndz :)

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