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Shopon4U Is A Complete Scam/fraud Site

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Today i want to aware ifs users about one big ongoing scam on the Internet and on phone calls, both.
ShopOn4U uses smart tricks to cheat people and asks them to send them money to claim their prizes.
They work this way:-
  1. Get details of a customer from any website (snapdeal, flipkart etc.) or forum probably by the comments they leave, it becomes a trace for them. 
  2. Then they calls the customer and tells them they are in top customers and it would require you to register on their site with and pay a few thousand bucks to claim it
  3. If you do that you are done, your money is gone and if you ask them about how they got your details they would try to mislead you by using vague terms assuming the customer is a web-illiterate person.
  4. A huge population of the Internet in India aren't aware of such scams and how to differentiate a genuine and fraud service or site and they use the advantage of this fact to make those innocent people send them money to claim attractive but fake prizes. 

Even today i received call from shopOn4U and they told me that i have been selected for car contest for that i have to pay 2499 rs using any online payment method, they told me that i have now 80 point and after payment and registration i will get 20 point more which make me eligible for car contest. they also told me about second & third prizes which include new zealand trip and 50 thousand cash voucher.

I knew they are fraud because first time I heard they are calling from a company called "ShopOn4U", I had never heard its name before nor Snapdeal has any affiliation with them, so it was sure they somehow steal the data to get my contacts detail. 
they give me some detail of a order that i ordered from snapdeal in MAY 2015
They called me through this numbers 1129893515 and then from another 11206457222 but some other user also reported numbers 1165545842 & 1165028906.
They will try to convince you that they are genuine :-
Next time they called I told them that they are exposed after me and the contest and the site is a fraud, but instead of hanging-up the call they kept on convincing me that they are genuine,
I told them not to call me again but they started talking too unprofessionally that I had to hang-up the call. I asked them how did they get my details from Snapdeal, and she started defining me how e-commerce works which was completely wrong and misleading! ;)
But if anybody who doesn't know enough about the Internet might easily get tricked into these scam. So never ever believe in any of this fraud contests and website unless you are sure that you are supposed to win some contest, whereas these morons would tell you that you are the top consumers. I just purchased a galaxy s4 and few other small stuff since 6 months and they made me the #2 on their country wide contest, how idiotic. <_<
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