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Use Your Axis Bank Debit Cards (Both Online / Pos Transactions) For A Total Spend Of Rs.500 & Get Rs.100 Cashback

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Debit Card RS.100 CashBack Campaign

On Spending RS.500 15Th Sep, 2015 To

14Th Oct, 2015

Use Your Axis Bank Debit Card For At

Least 2 Transactions (Both Online /

POS Transactions)

From Sep 15Th, 2015 To Oct 14Th, 2015

For A Total Spend Of RS.500 And Get

RS.100 CashBack.

T&Cs For Debit Card Rs 100 Cashback

Campaign Sep’15- Oct ‘15

 “Card” shall mean all such variants of

Axis bank Debit Card, which have been

issued by

Axis Bank and are valid and subsisting

during the program period, except for

Axis Bank

commercial card

 “Card holder/s” shall mean such

customer/s who are Axis Bank’s

customers; and to

whom a Card has been issued and who

is authorised to hold the card.

 “Primary Terms and Conditions” shall

mean the terms and conditions

applicable to the

card in addition to these terms and


 “Transaction” would mean all eligible

transaction on POS and online and will

not include

Cash withdrawals at ATMs of Axis and/

or other banks, Void transactions and


 “Void transactions” would mean any

transaction wherein the transaction

made by using

the card has been cancelled by the

Merchant Establishment prior to the

settlement with

Axis Bank.

 “Offer period” shall mean period

commencing from Sep 15th, 2015 to

Oct 14th, 2015

both days inclusive subject to the


Offer :

 Use your Axis Bank Debit Card for at

least 2 transactions (Both Online/POS

transactions) from Sep 15th, 2015 to

Oct 14th, 2015 for a total spend of Rs

500 and get Rs.

100 Cashback.

 The offer is valid for only selective

Axis Bank Debit Cardholders with

active Axis Bank

Savings or Current Accounts, to whom

the formal offer communication via

email and/or

SMS on their registered email ID and/

or mobile number has been sent by Axis


 The Campaign referred to as “Offer

Period”, starts Sep 15th, 2015 and

ends on Oct 14th,

2015 (both days inclusive). The card

transactions from 00:01 on Sep 15th,

2015 to 23:59 Oct 14th, 2015 will only

be eligible for this Offer Period.

 The cash back amount Rs. 100 will be

credited to the card holder’s account.

 2 is the minimum number of

transaction the card holder will need

to make using his/her

Axis Bank Debit Card during the Offer


 If a customer has multiple savings

accounts (thereby Debit Cards) mapped

to a particular

customer id, the amount would be

calculated at a sum total of values

pertaining to all

transactions done on the cards mapped

to the customer id.

 Cardholder’s eligibility for the offer

will be decided by the Bank.

 The cash back amount will be credited

on the 60th day, after the expiry of

the offer


 All escalations related to this

campaign will be valid till 90 days from

the end of


 The offer is not transferable, non-

negotiable and cannot be en-cashed.

 Incomplete / rejected / invalid /

returned /disputed or unauthorized/

fraudulent transactions

will not be considered for the offer.

 The Offer is valid only for select set

of Customers selected at the sole

discretion of Axis

Bank and who have received

communication via SMS on their

registered Mobile number

about the Offer from Axis Bank.

 In case there is more than one offer

available simultaneously, no two

offers can be

combined by the participant. It shall

be entirely at discretion of Axis Bank

to consider

any exceptions to the above.

 Axis Bank will not be responsible or

liable in case the offer is not

configured or could not

be availed due to malfunction, delay,

traffic congestion on any telephone

network or line,

computer on-line system, servers or

providers, computer equipment,

software, or website.

 The participation in the offer is

entirely voluntary and it is

understood, that the

participation by the Cardholders shall

be deemed to have been made on a

voluntary basis.

 Axis Bank reserves the right to

modify / alter all or any of the terms

applicable to the

offer without assigning any reasons

or without any prior intimation

whatsoever. Axis

Bank also reserves the right to

discontinue the offer without

assigning any reasons or

without any prior intimation


 In case of all matters relating to the

offer including any dispute or

discrepancy relating to

the offer or eligibility of any

Cardholder, Axis Bank’s decision shall

be final and binding

on Cardholders in all respects.

 The terms and conditions governing

the offer shall be in addition to and

not in

substitution / derogation to the

Primary Terms and Conditions

governing the Debit Card

issued by Axis Bank

 Axis Bank holds out no warranty or

makes no representation about the

quality, delivery

or otherwise of the goods and

services offered/sold by the

Merchants. Any dispute or

claim regarding the goods and services

must be resolved by the Cardholder/s

with the

Merchant directly without any

reference to Axis Bank.

 Axis Bank shall not be liable in any

manner whatsoever for any loss/

damage/ claim that

may arise out of use or otherwise of

any goods/ services availed of by the

Card Holder/s

under the offer.

 Axis Bank reserves the right to

disqualify any cardholder from the

benefits of the offer if

any fraudulent activity is identified as

being carried out for the purpose of

availing the

benefits under the offer or otherwise

by use of the Card.

 All taxes, duties, levies or other

statutory dues and charges payable in

connection with

the benefits accruing under the offer

shall be borne solely by the cardholder

and Axis

Bank will not be liable in any manner

whatsoever for any such taxes,

duties, levies or

other statutory dues.

 The offer is not available wherever

prohibited and products/ services for

which such

programs cannot be offered for any

reason whatsoever.

 Axis Bank shall not be obliged to make

any public announcements to intimate


successful Cardholders about the cash

back under the offer.

 Any person taking the advantage of

this offer shall be deemed to have

read, understood

and accepted these terms and


 The aforesaid Offer is subject to

applicable law and regulations and

would be modified /

discontinued based on the prevailing

law / regulation at any point of time

and neither

party shall be under any liability or

obligation or continue implementation

of the said

Offer till such time the terms are

modified by the Parties as per the

prevailing/ amended

law at that point of time. In the

event, that the Offer cannot be

continued without tot al

compliance of the prevailing law at any

point of time, this Offer shall be

deemed to be

terminated forthwith from the date

when the amended law restricting /

prohibiting the

Offer comes into force.

 Any dispute relating to the offer or

the terms and conditions shall be

subject to the

jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai


 General Terms and Conditions on Axis

Bank Debit Card are applicable.


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