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(Result Announced) IFS Christmas And New Year Event (Win Prizes)

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On 12/5/2015 at 2:49 PM, HellRocker said:


 0MTor2O.png IFS Christmas and New Year Event 0MTor2O.png


DQ7ZhBT.gif As Always, First thanks For being a part of IFS and Congratulations for bringing the forum to such level  post-71229-0-19794800-1434971558.gif

We Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & a magnificent new year. May you have a Christmas that is more special than it has ever been. May Baby Jesus bless you abundantly. We wish to make this "festival of love and brotherhood , even more colorful with this season's activity. We hope you enjoy to the fullest by participating in this activity and win cool gifts.

Please read the complete post before taking part in the activity.

AangtA2.png There are 3 Activities in IFS Christmas and New Year Event :-

1. Name of the activity             : Wish To Santa

    Running time                        : (From 20 Dec to 25 Dec Both days included)

What you should do:

  1. As activity name suggest in "wish to Santa" Activity you need to share your wish.
  2. You can Share a single wish or number of wish list.
  3. You can wish on anything or on any topic.
  4. Share your wish with forum members in this thread, with title " [Wish to Santa]"
  5. Share all the wishes under a single post.
  6. Wishes must be Original not Copied from Others.


2. Name of the activity           : Experience Of the Year 

    Running time                       : (From 26 Dec to 31 Dec Both days include)

What you should do:

Each year even each day we face many experiences in the life, whether they are good or bad but teach us many things and some experience we can't forget whole life. So in this activity you simply need to share one of the biggest experience of your life in 2015.

  1. You can share one or max 2 experiences
  2. Share your experience with forum members in this thread, with title " [Experience of the year]" or Some creative words.
  3. You must post enough content to describe your experiences not just one or two lines.


3. Name of the activity         : Be First To wish 

    Running time                    : (1 Jan 2016)

What you should do:

This is the simplest activity just Wish forum members or friends on the first day of new year and from 8am to 12pm on 1 January 2016 one lucky winner get talktime worth 50rs each hour.

  1. you can wish max four time means one time in each hour 
  2. Share your wishes with forum members in this thread, with title " [Happy New year]"


> Points to REMEMBER:- 

  • Make sure the post has the recommended title.
  • No fake or Multiple Ids to be used during the contest. In such cases no arguments will be accepted, IFS Id will be banned permanently.
  • One member one Prize - You cannot get more than one prize from all activity (out of all the prizes won by a single member, only the prize with a larger value will be granted).
  • In case of breaking above rules, that member will be disqualified and will not get any prizes.
  • All Rights of Activity will be in the hands of ADMIN & IFS TEAM and Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged.
  • All winner post will be decided by our Santa Claus (Admin4DwQ3bc.png +  Voting between trusted members SO keep calm and don't argue.


  Prizes for Winners:- 

post-71229-0-51705700-1443942636.png   First Activity Prize: (Will be won by 1 member)
              200 Rs AMAZON Gift Voucher + 500 IFS POINTS + FORUM TRUSTED MEDAL

post-71229-0-51705700-1443942636.png  Second Activity Prize: (Will be won by 1 member)
              200 Rs AMAZON Gift Voucher + 500 IFS POINTS + FORUM TRUSTED MEDAL

post-71229-0-51705700-1443942636.png  Third  Activity Prize : (Will be won by 4 members)
              50 Rs Mobile Recharge + 100 IFS POINTS

Happy New year

Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2015. Be Happy and make other happy.

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19 minutes ago, Ranjanp said:

New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys. Wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous New Year !!

@Admin @Campionite @cricket4all @MrDealer @HellRocker @chen @harshitram @skagarwal 


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