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#IFSCARNIVAL2015 : I CAN DO THAT: complete simple task and win exciting prizes

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As the part of the #IFSCARNIVAL2015 here is an awesome contest for all IFSians, it is: CAN YOU DO THAT .


CAN YOU DO THAT is a contest for IFS users, where we would be giving a task for users to complete, the first one to complete the task will win the contest. There will be a new task every hour from 10 am - 10pm on 30th december. The tasks can be like: make 10 posts in IFS FORUM and post their links, make a recharge and post it's snapshot , etc....  So brace up yourselves for the ultimate #IFSCARNIVAL2015


1) Watch-out this thread for a task every hour from 10 AM - 10 PM on 30th december

2) After the task completion post your task details in this thread as a reply along with tagline #IFSCARNIVAL

3) If your the first one to complete the task you will be the winner for the hour

Rules & Regulations :-

1)Who completes a task first he wins the prize for that hour ( who replies the task details first )

2)Total 12 tasks will be given from 10 am - 10 pm on 30 th December

3) One user can win a maximum of only 1 prize in the contest

4) Anyone making spam in the contest thread will be disqualified from the contest

5) All Rights of contest will be in the hand of ADMIN & IFS TEAM

6)  Our decision will be final and cannot be challenged

This Hour's Task :-

Watch this space for the particular hour's task to complete.

Thanks all for your participation, hope you had a great time.

Come and join us back again tomorrow for RAPIDFIRE ROUND OF 10 QUESTIONS tommorow [ STARTING AT 6 PM ]



Tasks completed so far :-

  1. 10 am task: Post screenshot of IFS mobile app as a reply in the topic (screenshot must be of 30th Dec).Prize Rs. 500 Amazon Gift card
  2. 11 am task: Post IFSCARNIVAL2015 logo here as reply.
    Prize Rs. 200 Mobile recharge
  3. 12 noon task: Make 5 deal's posts (in this hour) in forum now and post the links of 5 topic here in reply. (Kindly post all 5 links in a single reply/comment here, we'll not consider separate reply(s).
    Prize Rs. 500 mobile recharge
  4. 1 pm task: Post your own IFS profile page screenshot in reply.
    Prize Deodorant.
  5. 2 pm Task: Give the number of Administrators,SuperModerators,and Moderators does IFS Team has currently.
    Prize Rs. 200 Flipkart gift voucher.
  6. 3 pm task:  Share your entry in our previous contest or current one's by posting link of your comment in previous contest as reply here.
    Prize  Rs. 500 PVR Gift voucher
  7. 4 pm task: Post today's deal of the day screenshot as shown in IFS android app as a reply.(For instant shake your phone and get Deal of the Day)
    Prize Rs. 200 mobile recharge.
  8. 5 pm task: Post link of topic: Amazon 1re surprise treasure hunt christmas special front page post.
    Prize 16gb pendrive.
  9. pm task: Find out how many profile views do Admin have in IFS forum and reply here. ( approx value about 5-10 no.s difference is ok )  Prize Wings of fire: an Autobiography by A.P.J Abdul Kalam
  10. 7 pm task: Post all English alphabets ( A-Z ) in reverse order with the alphabets I, F, S in bold letters.  Prize Maxima watch
  11. 8 pm task: Post link of the recent post in Indiafreestuff facebook page ( link of post in FB , not page link ).  Prize Rs.100 Mobile Recharge
  12. 9 pm task: Solve this puzzle and post the answer:-   Read every second letter starting at the first letter, and when you finish, start again on the letters you missed the first time! YOUR CLUE:-  REONBPEORWTEBLALD    Prize Rs.200 Mobile Recharge
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