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Pampers Extra Large Size Diaper Pants (32 Count) @334 MRP 565

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Product Description


The sanitation needs of a baby is primary for any parent. Pampers understands the concern of all parents and has been a leading brand in baby sanitation products for a long time. Pampers extra large size diaper pants, meant for heavier children of 9 to 14 kilograms, lets your little one spend the night in restful recluse. Give your child the wonderful gift of peaceful sleep for long hours in the night. An entire night’s uninterrupted REM’s cycle is extremely crucial to the cerebral development of your little bundle of joy. Daytime use allows the baby, hours of unrestricted play time and strenuous activity, which also very important to his development.


Made from delightfully soft cotton-like materials the product comes with the silent assurance of utmost comfort to the baby. Meticulously designed to seamlessly adjust to the specific shape of your baby’s bottom, Pampers Extra Large diapers fit the child snugly, at the same time never restricting his movement during sleep or play. The stretchable tear-away sides, prevents side leakages but is extremely easy to put on and remove in toilet crises. The splendid Magic gel technology absorbs up to five wettings, while keeping the skin dry for as long as 10 hours. The diapers are also coated with a hypoallergenic baby lotion, for the benefit of your child’s sensitive skin.

Pampers diapers keep your baby free from the onslaught of itchiness, roughness and rashes with the ability to absorb fluids all night. This particular edition of the product comes in the extra large size ideal for kids weighing between 9 to 12 kilograms.


From the Manufacturer


With Magic gel that instantly locks away wetness, Pampers baby dry pants keeps your little one's skin dry and healthy. They are also easy to pull up and down and provides your baby with up to 12 hours of overnight dryness for fresh and happy mornings.

FREE SHIPPING FILLER:http://www.amazon.in/Vaseline-Total-Moisture-Nourishing-Lotion/dp/B00K811APK/

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