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Amazon stops returns for smartphone purchases in India

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Amazon has announced that it will no longer be accepting returns for smartphone purchases in India.

From February 7 onwards, Amazon will only allow customers to initiate a replacement for their purchase, and not a return with refund. Those who received a damaged device will get a free replacement but under no circumstances will the phone be taken back for a full refund.

If this sounds bad, it's important to consider Amazon's reason for doing this. Buyers often purchase a device, use it for a while within the return period, and then send it back even if there is nothing wrong with the device. The seller would then have to bear the cost of the device, not to mention the two way shipping cost for Amazon. It is for this reason that the company has decided to stop accepting returns. Amazon's rival in India - Flipkart - has a similar no-return policy, and only does replacements for damaged units.

Unfortunately, those with a genuine reason to return a product after purchase are now left out in the cold due to a few people abusing the system.


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india is little behind ...

The Shopping websites like amazon will implement this also but only after they have been looted by the people...

Then they realize this and start this


12 hours ago, invisible007249 said:

I think Amazon US charges fees if anyone wishes to return, don't know why they are not implement here!


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