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Ifs Readers : Any Issues & Any Suggestions Pls Post Here....

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So What's the point of posting In IFS.

If you Gonne Merge The Old post almost a month ago with this.

& It expired you also know.

@Admin Need a Clarification from You. 

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20 hours ago, Cristiano said:

given for all except Braun (price was same before)

18 hours ago, MrBatman said:


18 hours ago, MrBatman said:

Price differs from fp , no point , I already told you before CHECK DEAL HISTORY BEFORE ASKING FOR CREDIT.

12 hours ago, Cristiano said:


12 hours ago, sayan25 said:


11 hours ago, raviwd said:


10 hours ago, raviwd said:

We Posted at cheaper price , no point

9 hours ago, sayan25 said:

Price was same on 4th dec , no point

7 hours ago, CheckMate said:

Point given for dotd & no point for Teflon (we posted at cheaper price)

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