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Udio Wallet Offers : Activate Udio Visa Card & Get Rs. 100 Cashback + Rs. 50 Meal Voucher

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Udio Wallet Offers : Activate Udio Visa Card & Get Rs. 100 Cashback + Rs. 50 Meal Voucher


Order Udio Visa card Worth 1st Transaction Of Rs 99
After Recieve The Card By Post go To 'My Udio Card' section
Activate your Card With Card No.

#Ownit Offer — Terms & Conditions 
1. The below mentioned Terms and Conditions are applicable for the "#Ownit Offer" which would be referred to as 'Offer' or 'Campaign' hereinafter in this document. 
2. By participating in this Offer, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the Offer. Any participation in this Offer is purely voluntary. 
3. This offer would be applicable only on the latest version of Udio Wallet App available on Google Play Store. Customers are advised to go to goo.gl/rOUuKV for android devices and goo.gl/rOUuKV for 103 devices to check their version and update in case they are not on the new version. 
4. This offer is applicable against ist (first) successful "order a card" transaction worth Rs.99 from Udio Wallet & activation of the same. 
5. Once users receive the card via post, they can activate it by going to 'My Udio Card' section of the app 
6. Upon successful Udio card activation, Rs.100 (Rupees One Hundred) Cashback & Rs.50 (Rupees Fifty) worth of Meal Voucher shall be credited to the eligible user. 
7. This offer is applicable only to a pre-selected users who would be communicated via SMS or App notification. Users outside the pre-selected list will not be eligible for the offer. 
8. The offer shall be valid from April 4, 2016 11:00:00 hrs to April 30, 2016 23:59:59 hrs. TranSery Private Limited ("TranServ") reserves the right to change the offer-period and terms of offer without any prior notice. 
9. The Cashback & Meal voucher shall not be credited instantaneously and would be credited only within 72 (seventy two) working hours of card activation. 
1O Meal Voucher is a semi closed voucher that can be used at restaurants, cafes, diners, fast food outlets which shall provide food and non-alcoholic beverages. It is identified through merchant category code as classified by Visa for such merchants. 
11. The meal voucher(s) carry an expiry date and should be utilised on or before the expiry date. Users will not be able to use the voucher post the expiry date. The expiry date shall be mentioned on the voucher. 
12. The meal voucher would be credited directly to customer's Udio Wallet account and can be checked by going to the vouchers section of the Udio Wallet App. Voucher will bE applied automatically when user does a card transaction at any restaurant in India accepting Visa card and falling in the category as mentioned on point-10 of the T&C. 
13. Meal voucher amount will be applicable only on successful transactions conducted by debit to the Udio Wallet account only. 
14. The Offer will be applicable for a Customer holding a valid and active Udio Wallet account. It is non-negotiable and non-transferrable and is valid for Indian residents and citizens only. 
15. In the event of Udio Wallet account not having sufficient balance, wallet holders would have to first add money using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking. 
16. Only approved and validated spend/transaction/payment/purchase made using Udio Wallet shall be eligible for the Offer. Failed/Cancelled/Returned transactions shall not be eligible for the Offer. 
17. The Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. 
18. Only the transactions conducted in India and in Indian Rupees will be eligible for the Offer. 
19. TranSery shall not be responsible for, or liable for, any actions, claims, demands, losses, damage, costs, charges and expenses that a wallet holder may suffer, sustain or incur due to this Offer. 
20. A Udio Wallet account is linked to a combination of unique customer details and a unique mobile handset. Any attempt to use multiple handsets for login to a single Udio Wallet account or using multiple mobile numbers to login via same handset will be treated as a violation of the T&C and TranSery will have full right, including but not limited to blocking such a Udio Wallet account and/or deny cashbacks or any promotional activities or any such corrective measures.
21. Udio Wallet is issued by RBL Bank and is operated as per applicable guidelines for semi-closed loop prepaid instruments. 
22. Udio RBL Bank Visa Prepaid Card is issued by RBL Bank and operated as per the terms and conditions communicated to users here 
23. In the event of any individual/customer trying to use unauthorized data or fraudulent means or lost/stolen card data or indulging in identity theft or any other unscrupulou means for logging in to Udio Wallet, loading funds/utilising funds, 
24. TranSery will have full rights to block that particular Udio Wallet account. TranSery is not responsible for any dispute arising between a Merchant and the Customer. TranSery shall not in any way responsible for any deficiency in services provide( by the Merchant. ?

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