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"Marry Me, Stranger" novel for rs. 68, MRP 175 at amazon

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’Marry Me, Stranger ’ is a work of fiction which presents an engaging combination of suspense, tragedy and flawless narration. Authored by Novoneel Chakraborty, the bestselling author of EX, how about a sin tonight?, this book tells a gripping story of an independent girl and her problems. The fast paced description along with strong characters makes this book a riveting read while its engrossing climax is memorable. This book is a the first part of the 'Stranger’ trilogy which includes other titles- All Yours, Stranger and Forget Me Not, Stranger . On a wider perspective, this novel is a take on young India’s independent women and their struggles to ensure safety and trouble free life.

Rivanah Bannerjee is just another independent young woman who like other career centric women has a happening life. Her parents love her a lot and are open and liberal. Her boyfriend is full of love and admires her beauty. Plus, she is intelligent and has a promising career. Everything looks set for a 'happy life’ until the entry of a 'stranger’ in her life. This stranger is following her quietly and knows a lot of about her. He does not have a face or a voice but has an invitation which could destroy Rivanah’s happy life. Rivanah initially thought that the stranger might be secret admirer or an obsessed lover but very soon she realizes that this stranger is more than that. Can Rivanah curtail the advances of this stranger? Can police catch this intruder? Or is the stranger a result of her unforgettable past life? Set in the tinsel town of Mumbai, the novel is a gripping tale of revelations, dark past deeds and the undying attitude of not letting go.

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